This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States. By order of the Secretary of War. Rifle, Caliber MA3 contract for , rifles was for- years was accomplished with the by the U.S. Army on May mally established in June This manual differs from TM , Ordnance Maintenance: Rifles, U. S., cal, , Still later, the Rifle MA3 was modified by removing front and rear sight.

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The bayonet should be cleaned and then wiped with slightly oiled CLOTH, wiping, care being taken not to use enough oil to allow transfer to the scabbard.

Check straps for condition of leather, weakness, ripped stitches, cuts, and abrasions. Test complete action of rifle mechanism with clip of dummy cartridges.

Mar 17, Should the action still be faulty, it will be necessary to interchange the parts until a combination of cocking piece, sear and manjal spring, trigger, and main- spring is found which will correct the difficulty.

For defense against chemical attack, refer to FM listed in paragraph There should be no vertical or lateral movement of the front mount ring when mounted.

If sight is damaged or cannot be adjusted for serviceability as explained in this manual, it must be replaced with a complete sight assembly and the unserviceable sight returned to a base shop or the factory for repair or disposition.

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Insert bayonet m1930a3 scabbard and be sure that either latch hook on mouthpiece will engage positively with scabbard catch on bayonet Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Inspect as explained for Bayonet M in paragraph There’s janual problem loading this menu right now. Do not disturb left lateral adjusting screw, as it is staked in position for alinement of sight b.


The escutcheons are sealed in at manufacture and should not be removed. The striker has a joint hole formed on its rear end by which it is secured to the firing pin rod fig.

Reinstall magazine spring and this type follower in the Rifle MA4 as explained in step 1above. Remove slide and cap from sight leaf and slide rear sight drift slide to top of leaf and out of groove in leaf.

The telescopic sight used with the Rifle MA4 should not be disassembled. Write a customer review. Inspect the rifle for general appearance, the metal parts for scratches, shiny spots, rust, and wear, and the manua parts for condition and mutilation.

Inspect sling as a unit for appearance, manhal eral condition, flexibility, and functioning of hooks, loops, and keepers.

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Check grip screw and escutcheons for looseness, wear, projection m190a3 grips, and for burs. Remove the trigger from the sear by driving out the trigger pin from either side. Muzzle and chamber of the barrel should be plugged with CLOTH, wiping, and muzzle end of barrel should be slightly elevated in vise. This procedure is explained in paragraph When the sear releases the cocking piece, the mainspring drives the firing pin and the striker forward, 2 Opening the Bolt.

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Left lateral adjusting screw should be staked firmly in place and right screw should turn smoothly without undue looseness. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Twist in rifling, uniform right-hand, one turn in If there is any apparent movement between the reticle cross hairs and the mark, parallax is present. It is a gage made in the form of a rifle bolt without extractor or firing pin mechanism.


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They are performed with only the limited tool facilities afforded by repair trucks, by semipermanent shops at posts and camps, or by an inspector while making a regular inspection. The fixed stud should never be removed from the barrel unless manuap.

Be sure the adjustment plate is moved backward or forward only and not laterally. Care should be used to prevent the solution from getting in eyes, or from prolonged contact with skin.

There is no front sight on the Rifle MA4.

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If screws are drawn down too tight, the sight tube may become bent, the sight t-hrown out of adjustment or m1903q3 lenses cracked. Some Rifles M and MA1 are without bolt stop as- sembly as explained in paragraph 43 i. Place receiver with barrel attached in bench vise, using either wood or leather between vise jaws to prevent damage to rifle. Unless the rifle is to be disassembled further, the trigger guard magazine assembly should be reinstalled at once, as the guard screws hold the barrel, receiver, and stock groups together.

The bolt assembly consists of the bolt and the extractor collar figs. Special tools and gages used for inspection are listed and shown in SNL B and are carried on the small arms repair truck. Top Loose In Body. Test both catches by pressing in scabbard catch and releasing.