Used Luxman CL34 Control amplifiers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Specifications. Frequency response: 3Hz to 70kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %. Input sensitivity: 2mV (MM), mV (line). Signal to noise ratio: 80dB ( MM). Find great deals for Luxman CL34 Pre Amplifier Pro Serviced. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The heat is something I’m concerned about with Lux gear and would look over any purchase for any darkened boards and such. They won’t sound like this unit. Blue ShadowJun 15, A listing recently came up for a Luxman CL, and I think c-34 looks like an incredible piece of gear, being a design student with an obsession with industrial design, stuff like this just makes me happy.

For Sale Luxman CL Tube Preamplifier

Luxman make quality hifi, but this tube preamp might be an unnecessarily difficult and expensive place to start. Id sure not mind having a luxman tube pre. Perhaps if you built one that has ventilation built in a la old Fisher C receiver casesyou would have the cool-man aesthetic with cooling to boot. All very nice luxmzn. Used to sell this one, never owned one but have a number of Lux units including their tube power amps. DandyMay 2, No, create an account now.

The pre-amp will probably end up going for more than I can afford right now, but it’s brought up a lot of questions. They are known to sound pretty good. Do you use a lot of different sources and listen to vinyl?


Your name or email address: Attached photo is just a reference image. The CL is a sleeper imho.

When I said ‘simpler’, I did not mean a simpler preamp, but that a power amp will have a simpler circuit to understand and get the tube sound. Do you already have an account? CCallilMay 3, I googled CL32 and see it is tube.

A CDP can easily drive a power amp without a preamp. Share This Page Tweet. Power tubes cost much more than signal tubes and they need to be changed more often so a tube pre is the way to get some tube sound into the system. If you can afford it and it is in good shape you won’t be disappointed. It’s a simpler design than some other Lux tube preamps for sure but the build quality is all there, and much better parts and build construction than the later CA SS preamp.

This is an excellent preamp.

Luxman CL-34

I’d just be worried about the lack of ventilation over that gaggle of 12AX7 tubes Quieter, lower distortion and such. Hans Hilberink’s site has nice info on SS Luxmans, including the model you mention: In my experience, a tube preamp with a SS power amp does not offer lxman same tube experience.

If there are none, then this preamp has proper control of the heat from those many lucman tubes. Log in or Sign up. Common power tubes, like 6BQ5s or s are not very expensive and last a long time if run properly.

Luxman CL // First Dabbling in Tube? | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Looks pretty simple, actually. If so, this might be what you need, but if cl-3 just use a computer soundcard and CD player, you could do better with a simple tube power amp, e.


CCallilMay 2, DandyMay 4, There isn’t anything simpler that is as good as the CL There is something to using a different unit for just computer sounds as there are a bunch of inexpensive Chinese preamp things that will work.

It looks as if there was a wood surround option that disposes of the original top cover. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Recently I’ve become engrossed by vintage audio, and I’ve been slowly working on my own setup luxmxn learning along the way.

Yes, my luuxman is: The Bottlehead kits are also less sophisticated as far as flexibility goes but they may sound as good. Dandy saying you could do better with something simpler if you just computer is not using the right words.

I use a SS pre all the time with my tube amps. Harmon Kardon Citation The CL replaced the CL so its luxamn are better as expected. Bidding on both these Lux units does go high and for a reason, they are very nice units.

I lkxman a couple different tube preamps with the usual SS power amps, using the Luxman tube amps at times, too. Luxman is known for topnotch audio stuff, so buying that pre shouldnt be a prob.