Cartilla orientadora del ICFES para las Pruebas saber 11 7 Presentación La Ley le confiere al Instituto Colombiano para. Original Language Title: LEY de It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education with the support of ICFES conducting assessments in this Law. La ley no prevé expresamente el cobro de matrícula extraordinaria, -SABER PRO- es uno de los exámenes previstos en la Ley de El calendario de exámenes puede ser consultado en el sitio web

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Iccfes, the rule stated that specific research resources in the educational units should be assigned. It is a cultural public 3124, inherent to the social purpose of the state en conformance with the Political Constitution of Colombia, guarantees the university autonomy and watches after the quality of the educational service through the exercise of supreme inspection and vigilance of the superior education.

I think that here we get taught theories but they do not teach us to integrate, for example, I might have the leey but there we don’t get taught to teach so here us se one thing separated from the other. The decision facing academic decentralization allowed academic institutions at the time and territorial units oriented towards the construction of educational projects 19 in context to aim towards the needs of each region; however lye will be altered by the mechanisms that will centralize the evaluation process, the unified systems of information and the new teaching statute.

Colombia has participated in several of them The focus points and evaluative purposes are different: ICFES, Comparing the two participations of Colombia in the TIMSS examinations between andthe Colombian average in sciences for eighth grade, went from being point 87 as a standard deviation icfex points 77 as a standard deviation.

Upon completion of each proposed action the Traces team precedes to the register the data This actually involves three steps: Different questions invade the scenery of educational research in science, questions such as What are the science contents that should be prioritized in the teaching practices?

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Based on these criteria seventeen 17 classroom proposals were designed, which allowed teams to address institutional discussions about the relationship between research in science education and their teaching practices.

The second assumes that the convergence of interests of those involved in the school is a dynamic condition for icres construction of shared meanings. The emphasis of research in the training of future teachers is supported on the main idea that in order to be a teacher you need to do more than just teach.

This way the panorama gets enriched by the discussions on nature and scientific activity, their role on citizen training and the social function of science and it s teaching in our society. Disciplinary concerns are integrated with other reflections on cognitive processes, of thinking strategies, scientific skills, and communicative interactions and of relationships that icfe build with their immediate environment.

The increments of the last decades in the registries of private universities is a consequence of the elevated flexibility leey the in the sector, concerning schedules, registrations and curriculum diversity.

Other important differences between these three examinations is that the TMSS icfse the analysis of the science and math curriculums and their reaches, contents and organization, while the PISA tries to give account of the capabilities to extrapolate knowledge within different contexts and icfrs knowledge.

Moreover, the school demands of the community the participation in activities to improve the infrastructure and institutional coexistence so that its educational projects have social impact. First report of the results in the second regional comparative and explicatory study. Cazuca children have behaviors and attitudes that reveals the conflicts that they have had to live, lack of belonging to a place does not allow them to view a clear horizon and dfl the neighborhood, by not feeling part of the environment they do not recognize their share in problems that overwhelm them.


The Institute has a recognized tradition in the field of innovation and educational research in all subject areas. Superior education is a permanent process key enables the development of a human s potentials in an integral fashion; it is carried out after middle or high school education and has as its main objective the full development of the students and their academic or professional formation. We can say that agreeing with the conceptual step of the scientific productions may lead to think about the contingent, circumstantial and not reproducible character of such activity, and that it is not possible, then, to hope to replicate the dynamics of scientific knowledge construction In the discussion about the statute that icfees assigned to the productions of science that have developed different perspectives.

¿Qué conceptos básicos debe tener presentes?

Science in Society Funding scheme: As it was already indicated, in the mathematics chapter, this increase occurred in a period in which the country spread out it coverage of basic education, which has permitted the education system to be linked to a growing number of youth with scarce resources.

On the one hand, the community demands the school educational actions that help address their immediate needs or problems or that their knowledge, practices and traditions be recognized in the school. The coverage of the service is principally given in econometric indicators. What educational conditions allow the alterations of the school grounds to constitute it as a purposeful and meaningful option for those who interact there?

The complex nature of these interests, demands, needs and relationships expresses themselves through Meta-Analysis Dimensions, agreed at consortium level to analyze and interpret the findings and results, and derive guidelines that achieve support for the work of teachers, managing directors, the decisions of policy makers and the activities of researchers in the field of science education.

Colombia Case Studies

The object of education will be the complete development of human personality and the strengthening of the respect for human rights and fundamental liberties; it will favor the comprehension, the 2 A decentralized scheme implies the existence of a sectorial differentiated organization, in which each level of government national, departmental, district and towns have the competences and responsibilities concurring and complementary with education; meaning that authorities of each territorial entity should carry out their functions in a coordinated manner with that of other levels of the government.

Finally we can say that the new vision of the problems of science education has created conditions to significantly enrich the educational component of the training of science teachers.

For the development of the field actions the stratification of the sample was taken into account in the sample that was issued in the study of opinion conducted in the first half ofwhich chose three 3 regions, Caribbean, Orinoco and District capital.

Final report Aliha The main problems or objects of study for each classroom proposal go beyond the conceptual demands and involve other aspects of science teacher training that: It is about transcending the distinction between theory and practice, that is, about assuming the teaching practices as spaces that allow the teacher in training to project his actions in a research-type way, which implies an intentional look that defines the changes that want to be promoted and what makes their act the most significant event for students, for themselves and for the social space where his current action takes place.

In the initial meetings, the institutional teams considered it important lwy address the arguments on the need to coordinate the practices of science education with the systemic dynamics of the school. Unlike mathematics has a degree in mathematics provides an increase in the average at the end of the period observed in more than 4.


What are the changes that take place in science classes when the teacher facilitates a meeting of school and community knowledge in their teaching practices? Because they can compare, order and interpret information presented in diverse formats tables, graphs, schemes and images and recognize casual relationships when classifying living creatures according to a criteria. However, proper practices and experiences with teachers in initial training it is ifces to recognize two periods: The experience was very significant in the sense that it contributed to my professional training, because on thing is theory, and a very different thing is the practice, the development of this classroom proposal allowed me to strengthen this last one, as icfea old saying says practice makes the maestro, a very appropriate phrase at this point, because becoming a teacher transcends any theoretical limit to the social reality, where commitment, dedication and concern for cognitive, interpersonal and dell processes of the students not only allows children to develop the scientific thinking but also creates the beginning of a fraternal and loving relationship between the child and science.

The pre-selected students participated in discussions about the content of the surveys that were designed for the study of opinion of the Traces Project, in this context they reflected upon the sense of teaching science, the link between investigation and teaching practices and the different ways in which institutional curriculums are structured from educational policies, teacher knowledge and the need of the communities.

The disciplinary compromise of the teacher stops being inscribed in the development of contents, and becomes oriented towards the reflection of how certain contents are relevant to students, and which cognitive and experiential processes are needed for a student to explain certain phenomenon, which issue are they addressing, from what epistemological criteria are they benefiting from; these reflexions are mediated by a pedagogical sense, they show leu way in which the teacher designs his actions in the classroom, gives meaning to his work and is committed to the development of students.

It s regulation on behalf of the ministry is a lot less than in formal education.

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In these routes different activities get mixed which seek to progressively bring more scenarios for children to build explications regarding the central issue of each proposal. As is well pointed out by Lerma: What are the science teaching practices that are materialized when an environmental perspective for school is appropriated?

With classroom activities designed jointly between university researchers and school teachers the intention was not to implement default models, but to construct proposals that respond to the curricular needs of each institution, to the influence of the structural conditions that characterize the school system and that characterize the school in particular, and especially that included the cultural dimension of teaching and learning.

Source DANE 3 In Colombia the process of decentralization has been oriented towards the turn n of competences related with the management of ddel and personnel to the different levels of government.

Dwl develop creativity and awareness of children will help to appropriate of the places and to relate with them in a more critical and effective way with the environment.