Lenni Brenner (born ) is an American Trotskyist writer. In the s, Brenner was a . “Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism ()”. Lenni Brenner. · Rating details · 11 ratings · 2 reviews. FROM THE BACK COVER: The Iron Wall is a comprehensive and documented history of. Lenni Brenner – Zionist Deals with Nazis and Fascists (part 1) Lenni Brenner Comments on Jabotinsky’s “The Iron Wall” – and the full “Iron Wall” article.

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He met the South African prime minister, Daniel Malan, whose Nationalists had bitterly opposed permitting Jewish refugees into the country during the Hitler era.

The bureaucratization of the Labour Party had helped to defeat it in yet another way: On leaving South Africa, Begin sent a telegram to Malan:.

Steve added it Jan 23, Domestically, Begin demonstrated himself a dead-end opponent of the secularization of Israeli life. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Institute for Historical Review. In the intervening decades the party had lost all of its ideological moorings. In the elections it lost 19 positions, going from 51 to 32 seats, the Likud went from 39 to In the 15 August In the autumn ofNahum Goldmann held a meeting with Iiron Adenauer, and the German agreed to a tentative figure of a billion dollars in reparations.

Herut walp called for the nationalization of its labour exchanges, and for compulsory arbitration of wage disputes.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He makes much of the uses to which Jab and co. Starting with the pre-Revisionist period lneni Vladimir Jabotinsky’s life, this book traces the origins and course of what used to be regarded as the lunatic fringe of Zionism, but which has, sincedominated the Likud Administrations of Menachem Begin, and Yitzhak Shamir.

Arguing that no compromise with the Palestinians was possible, his stance led the Revisionists teh close connections with Mussolini as well as terrorism against the Arabs. With the quiet abandonment of the first principle of Revisionism, the now respectable ex-minister genuinely became a serious contender for power. Hushour rated it liked it.


The Iron Wall

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Retrieved from ” https: Haber says two weeks; Hirschler and Eckman, three months; and Gervasi, several months. Too many of them drink deeply of the exploits of other national liberation movements and have not the slightest idea that their own people possessed a liberation movement of exceeding purity and courage BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 21, It had entered history as a serious ideological tendency, attempting to merge nationalism and socialism, thee it was attempting the impossible — a colonialist version of socialism — and the cynical mentality it developed in practice while doing this destroyed it, and it inevitably evolved into the Tammany Hall of Zion.

Mousa marked it as to-read Mar 07, His reply to the incursions was ever more systematic retaliatory hit-and-run raids into the Gaza strip and the West Bank.

The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir

Whatever it might say about representing the Brennner workers, it had been in coalitions with several capitalist parties; it had abandoned any secularist conceptions it once had and had made orthodoxy the state religion, primarily as a concession to the National Religious Party, the Mizrachi; it had developed ties with the American Jewish capitalists, eagerly seeking their investments, knowing full well that many of these folk qall tax cheats; and had become intimately involved with the US government and the CIA, which funded Histadrut schools for African and Asian trade unionists.

That morning, Begin, speaking from a balcony, harangued an angry crowd of 15, However, within days, the Israelis were able to re-establish their military dominance and it was none other than Sharon, by making a daring crossing of the Suez and cutting off an Egyptian army in Ismailia, who had made it possible. He created the Stern Gang that proposed a war-time alliance with Adolf Hitler and the establishment of a totalitarian Jewish state. Rifat Islam marked it as to-read Aug 02, He developed an interest in history from reading Hendrik Willem van Loon ‘s The Story of Mankind which his brother had received as a bar mitzvah present.


The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir by Lenni Brenner

The campaign was to be only the first of eight successive electoral defeats before Begin was to finally come to power in May Brenner is unabashedly Marxist and semi- anti-Zionist and this informs much of this book, to its detriment. Shannon marked it as to-read Jun 13, Other nations started out as savages, living in jungles and caves, in fear of thunder and lightning, and in star-worship. Retrieved 29 April Brenner was born into an Orthodox Jewish family.

Brenner was arrested three times during civil rights sit-ins in the San Francisco Bay Area. It began with a divine promise This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

But the Likud iroh had 39 seats, seven more than its components had in the previous Knesset, and was now a serious political alternative to the Alignment.

Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall ( The 29 Years in the Desert)

As Lenni Brenner shows in this deeply disturbing book, Shamir’s Revisionist legacy makes it likely that he will further curtail wal, rights of Israel’s Jews as well as subject the Palestinians to yet more repression and militarist aggression, as Zionism spirals ever further to the Right.

Refresh and try again.

Retiring from the army in the summer ofwhen it became apparent that he wll not be able to fulfill his ambition to become Chief of Staff, he joined the Liberalim.

When Nasser, in Julyannounced the nationalization of the Canal, the joint Israeli-British-French invasion of 29 October inevitably followed. And it was by this promise that they returned to Eretz Yisrael