Las hortensias [Felisberto Hernández] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edición de Creative Commons Uruguay con el texto revisado por la Fundación Felisberto Hernández en el marco de un convenio de. As hortensias / Las hortensias has ratings and 18 reviews. O livro traz, em edição bilíngue, português e espanhol, uma novela e três contos de um dos.

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Book Around The Corner. Sanctuary, by William Faulkner Hace 4 meses.

That’s another really good one–especially in its approach to the fantastic–but I sense this novella will be almost impossible to beat for me in terms of how action-packed the story was. Rise 29 de enero de A Journey from St. You have to be the perfect man to head up the Phillipines’ branch of the Felisberto cult!

Beauty is a Sleeping Cat. A Wreath of Roses: In fact, I suspect it would be right up your storytelling alley. The whole thing sounds like a film.

Reescrituras Hace 4 semanas. Is there one, I wonder? Click ohrtensias the link for a particularly juicy post from Rise and a mouthwatering discussion of what other titles people think deserve to be added to the list.

Scott, you’re going to enjoy The Daisy Dolls once you get to it. Partly perhaps as a substitute felisbetto the child that they cannot have 44and also we’re told partly because of his fears of mortality and particularly of the possibility his wife might pre-decease him 20Horacio acquires a collection of life-size dolls that he has arranged in a series of tableaux vivants.


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Richard 27 de enero de December Wrap-Up Hace 12 horas. As for Magic Mike, I tried watching it, but lasted about 40 seconds. But one doll in particular becomes rapidly an object of obsession for them both. I will track it down.

Well, if I may count myself hortrnsias one of your Aira-loving friends, then I feel almost obliged to read this though to be frank, I find dolls nearly as creepy as clowns. Reading, writing, and arithmetic in Hace 3 horas.

As hortensias / Las hortensias

Miguel, you’re another person I can’t imagine not liking this tale. Rise 28 de enero de I have, like, one semester of Spanish classes in my past. The Book Binder’s Daughter.

Have you read Felisberto’s short story “The Balcony”? There’s a sense from the start that such reflections and imitations are always likely to get out of hand, and to lead towards madness. Posted by Jon at 4: El cuenco de plata, New Directions also put out Lands of Memorytranslated by Esther Allen, which pairs two novellas and four short stories. Horacio has definitively abandoned human reproduction centered around the closed world of the domestic couple, to ally himself with the infinitely more productive if also more disturbing world of the factory.


New Directions, here I come. I’ll look for it. My books of the year, — favourites from a year of reading Hace 1 semana. This is Hortensia, made in the likeness of his wife whose middle name is Hortensiawho stands in for wife, child, sister, and increasingly Horacio’s lover.

Rise of the great in lieu of a field guide just reminded me that he actually wrote about Harss’ translation of The Daisy Dolls in a post on the Masterworks of Latin American Short Fiction: But don’t take my word for it, just ask Rise! Italian book tour photos!

Caravana de recuerdos: Las Hortensias

Unable or unwilling to trust his own senses, and with the feeling that his desire has become delirious increasingly [un]fixed on part hfrnndez dolls’ detached limbs floating in a tankHoracio himself becomes ever more of an automaton: Love the author photo! Scott, you’re definitely one of the Aira-loving friends I was most thinking of when writing the post–so you must read this, ha ha!

Richard 1 de febrero de Richard 28 de enero de ,