DETROIT —Text messages from the pager of his former top aide appear to show the evolution of flirty and sexually explicit exchanges involving. text messages were exchanged between defendants Beatty and Kilpatrick. .. 7/ 21/ (Usa Stokes) (Kwame Kilpatrick) come . Slate · Hot Document. Primary sources exposed and explained. Feb. 1 PM. Detroit Mayor’s Steamy Text Messages. VIEW ALL ENTRIES. By authors.

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Brown’s team was to turn over all original records kwzme copies of text messages between Kilpatrick and Beatty that were obtained after the completion of the trial, and heavy sanctions were specified for breach of confidentiality in the settlement. That would surely look like a cover up. Cal me on my cell.

Excerpts from Kilpatrick’s Text Messages

The text messages also contradicted testimony that Kilpatrick and Beatty gave at a trial in in regard to whether they had an affair and had fired Brown for investigating the mayor’s behavior.

Retrieved from ” https: The text messages describe Kilpatrick and Beatty’s use of city funds to arrange romantic getaways, their fears of being caught by the mayor’s police protection unit, and evidence the pair conspired to fire Detroit Police Chief Gary Brown.

I promise for the rest of my life you will be my girl. His ex-lover and top aide, Christine Beatty, still has weeks behind bars. Colombo said Tuesday he agreed to release the document because he believes it directly led to the whistle-blowers’ settlement.

Excerpts from Kilpatrick’s Text Messages

Excerpts from Kilpatrick’s Text Messages. But the text messages, excerpts of which were first published by the Detroit Free Press, told a different story. You are an amazing man. messsages


Kilpatrick said publicly last September that the city would appeal a jury’s verdict in favor of the suit filed by Brown and former officer Harold Nelthrope.

Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is out of jail. I have wanted to since friday KK: Kilpatrick and Beatty were charged with perjury and other crimes last year after texts published by the Detroit Free Press contradicted their courtroom denials of an affair.

On September 4,Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and no contest to assault on a police officer. The dates encompass the time periods of an alleged party at the mayoral Manoogian Mansion and the ouster of Gary Brown respectively. During the trial, Gary Brown requested the text messages from Kilpatrick and Beatty’s phones, but was told that the messages were misplaced.

Kilpatrick’s staff, including city lawyer Ruth Carter, Beatty, staffer Derrick Miller and spokesman Jamaine Dickens went into spin control following Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown’s press conference announcing why he was fired.

They were right outside the door, they bodyguards had to have hear everything CB: I hope and pray this issue will be put to bed and I’m so sorry for anything negative that my actions brought on you and the administration.

Several top police officials, including current Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings, who was an assistant chief at the time, were aware of the plot that involved the firing of internal affairs chief Gary Brown, according to the excerpts released over the objections of attorneys representing Kilpatrick, Beatty and the city. And in Januaryfour years before Kilpatrick was charged with felonies that would end his reign at City Hall, a spokesman texted him and others that Kym Worthy, who would end up helping bring Kilpatrick down, was appointed Wayne County prosecutor.

Beatty and Kilpatrick have known each other since high school, and in several excerpts, Beatty expressed her insecurity over the relationship and asked Kilpatrick to promise her she’d always be his “woman. Kilpatrick staffers texted often leading up to and following Cox’s press conference about his investigation into the rumored Manoogian party, Brown’s firing and allegations of wrongdoing by the mayor’s Executive Protection Unit.


In October,The Detroit Free Press requested all documents related to the settlement be released to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Later that month, the pair appeared to arrange a sexual encounter in Beatty’s office. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Beatty, the mayor’s former chief of staff, also has been out of a job for more than two months after she resigned following the publication in January of some text message excerpts.

When did it become mine. Not regretting what was done at all. The stripper, Tamara Greene, was murdered in April 30, A prosecutor’s report issued last month said Kilpatrick and Beatty attempted to keep Brown’s firing a secret.

But after her guilty plea, the Free Press asked a judge to release them. Thinking that how hard you diss me, I still want to be in your arms, kiss you, hug you, love you. James Thomas, a lawyer for Kilpatrick, questioned the accuracy of the quoted messages and criticized their publication.

In his motion, Stefani said the text messages between Kilpatrick and Beatty “clearly demonstrates that Brown was fired. Thank you for that ‘absolutely.