THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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Anwar extended his hand which was taken by Khairy and they swiftly got down to business. So, to topple the guy, Khairy needed an even lower ranking primate —- more aggressive, perhaps, but definitely a follower rather than a leader. It have been in circulation for chronices a few years.

Khairy Chronicles

When that Member of Parliament put his question on paper, the message was swiftly relayed to Khairy by a woman senator. While they could easily be dismissed as the bravado of an overconfident Young Turk, Najib is a much easier opponent than many previous occupants of the post he currently holds.

In other matters too, Mahathir has shown he is no pushover. But Danaharta is faced khhairy a dilemma. It was clear that the cowed Malaysian chroniccles was a chroicles tool of the powers-that-be, and it was the tacit admission by Abdullah that he would not interfere in the due process of the law which allowed justice to finally prevail.

This view is not shared by veteran bankers and other industry players who deem Binafikir a company with no tangible assets and definitely without the track record it boasts of.

Khairy Chronicles: Khairy Jamaluddin : Rasputin Or Boy-genius? – Google Books

Koh Tsu Koon was made a bogeyman for the low income of the tsunami-prone Malay villagers in Balik Pulau. He has an unshakeable confidence in chromicles own abilities and he has always been proud of calling himself the underdog candidate. Abdullah himself has said nothing about any telephone calls to or from Anwar. Don’t be surprise if Omar Ong and his Ethos staff are the commentators in these blogs; hereheremaybe here and other UMNO bloggers khairyy this aggregator here. Khairy does not do that and he only rewards his closest friends and those within his circle.


Most importantly, Hishamuddin did not believe him and Mukhriz did not believe him. Kalimullah Hassan, his stooge, was a Singapore apologist who built his career on delivering good press reports in Malaysia on behalf of Singapore.

In reality, Binafikir is no more than a collection of fresh Cambridge graduates led by khaory accountants who got lucky in by being tapped by Nor Mohamed Yakcop to split MAS into an asset holding as well as operations companies. From merely being gay, Khairy was kahiry said to have even served as a rent-boy to the wives of ministers chrohicles London during his university days.

There was simply no one else, as few had the courage to say anything remotely critical of the current i. Mahathir thought he could better control the country by having Abdullah as his deputy. It was a role that Anwar and his inner circle were willing to play.

Khairy has planted many people in the Ministry of Finance, Bank Negara and other such financial institutions who answer directly to him.

You may have noticed that the last episode of The Khairy Chroniclesfhronicles 23, came out about three weeks ago on 2 January Khairy Parker K-hairy ‘s profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment.

Chrronicles, unlike them, he shuns the glamour of being a tycoon. Mahathir trusted that his immensely strong iron grip on UMNO could be utilised behind the scenes to bend Khairy to the Mahathir whim. More importantly, the letter was said by both parties to contain explicit instructions as to how the next few months would be played out.

As a party of interests, Umno was not willing to suddenly throw open its doors to a man who had for six whole years roundly denounced Umno as corrupt and incapable of self-reform. They believe that, then, Khairy will lose his godfather and protector, laying himself bare and exposed to attacks from the grassroots. Out stepped a man whom the chronicels immediately recognised as an Umno member of minor prominence. But the media can lhairy assist to a certain extent.


At the young age of 30, Khairy has become the undisputed Man of the Future. After all, no one can chroniccles power so easily and so quickly unless they had some help, could they? Nori fell almost instantly for the young and articulate Oxford graduate who was at least her intellectual equal.

A few months before conceding power, Dr Mahathir commissioned the then Director of Military Intelligence to compile a report on Kali. In spite of his later pronouncements of admiration for Mahathir, he chdonicles not a Mahathir worshipper.

What is interesting is who made up this story. Sceptics may be forgiven for thinking that what Azmin said khziry mere boast to counter the frustrations of many khaory supporters who feel that Anwar is currently spending too much time overseas. Khairy was the instrument that made it clear to Anwar that Abdullah gave his implicit approval to the deal, without himself appearing in public to endorse it and thereby provoking the ire of his predecessor, Dr Mahathir.

However, they could be easily bought as they are in politics merely to gain positions and make money. The minister remarked that this was the time to do it as Khairy had yet to gather strength in the divisions and was still seen by most ordinary members as an elite outsider. It was completely untrue. He kairy an unelected person within the government, yet his influence outweighs that of the whole cabinet; even that of the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Chroniclss Razak.

Spending too much time overseas, Anwar has distanced his closest supporters by playing favourites that was his hallmark when previously in power. Mukhriz Mendahului Khairy, 6: