B SERVICE MANUAL , REV C Thank you for your purchase of the B Keurig Single Cup Brewing System! U U The B is the. the Cleaning Instructions in this guide. Turn off and unplug the brewer before cleaning or maintenance. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts. Download KEURIG B SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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The B Coin Changer Accessory: Once the menu is accessed the display will look like this set language: Disconnect the multi colored wire harness located to the left of the Hot Water Valve and the twowires on the Hot Water Valve solenoid.

At power up, the brewer will display the following: To open the panel depress the tab and pull back on the coin slot to rotate the panel toward you and down.

There are two on each side.

At the end of the brewing process the image krurig will be displayed for 4 seconds. Disconnect the multi colored wire harness located to the left of the Hot Water Valve and the two wires on the Hot Water Valve solenoid. The mechanism is shown outside ofthe coin accessory cabinet.

If they are not, then there will be no water dispensed during the brew cycle. Remove the nut 6mm securing the green ground wire on the left hand side of the Power Module. Control Panel — located on the front manua brewer: Push in on the collar, Not all of the parts in the module are listed.



Push the cover back slightly and lift up to remove. Product Warranty Information 69 V. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Place brewer on the platform such that the rubber feet of the brewer fit into the detent areas onthe platform and the brewer rests on top of the coin changer cabinet protrusions.

Keurig B User Manual – Page 1 of 92 |

This manual provides installation, service and troubleshooting assistance for your B brewer. Got it, continue to print. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The B Coin Changer Accessory is custom designed to be used exclusively with the BCommercial Brewer and the aforementioned coin mechanism.

B30000 kit Part Number contains: Cold Water Pump f. All the necessary hardware and cables for assembling the B Coin Changer Manusl are included. After it has primed and heated, place a ceramic cup in the Drip Tray and run a brew cycle. Cold Water Pump — located at the lower right rear of brewer: Control Panel Module i. Reconnect the brewer to the filtered The wires must be reconnected to their proper connections when installing the new module. The entire brew process lasts for approximately 40 to 52 seconds depending upon brew size selected and ends with a burst of air to remove all liquid coffee or tea from the K-Cup.

If you are experiencing any problems with pump or similar your Brewer, please contact you Keurig Step 2: The brewer must be primed for its first use as set forth below.


POWER, for 3 seconds — A choice of 4, 6, 8, and 10 oz cup sizes areavailable. There is a removable filter screen located in the Inlet Valve. Special edition gourmet single cup home brewing system 15 pages. Push the cover back slightly and lift up to remove. Ieurig Water Tank Module f. Open the K-Cup bin door.

Service manual | Keurig B3000 Coffeemaker User Manual

Disconnect the small tube at the union connection. Press the flashing manaul and conduct a water only brew. The brew pump pressurizes the system to approximately 4 psi The Hot Water Tank Module can be removed from the brewer. Coin Changer Accessory Part Number The installation of the B Coin Changer Accessory is covered in the installation guide provided with each coin changer accessory kit.

Seefigures 4 and 5 keurib. The display will look like the image on the right below. Draining the B Brewer Emptying the meurig tray If you wish to drain the brewer, the following To empty the drip tray grasp the drip tray by steps should be followed: Please read and save these instructions. The only one heater at a time is allowed to energize and the heater in the top tank brew tank has priority.

Bin Full Sensor Harness part of wire harness module i. Failure to do so will result in having extremely noisy pumps while they are in operation.