NOTE. You must enable communication through VPN in Traffic Rules before start configuring the Kerio VPN Server. For more information refer to Configuring. Manual TCP/IP configuration on the firewall host Network setup and Kerio WinRoute Firewall Deployment – This section describes basic TCP/IP configuration. 45 4 Example of Kerio VPN configuration: company with a filial office. where Kerio Control is installed (typically C:\Program Files\Kerio\WinRoute Firewall).

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Create firewa,l active endpoint of the tunnel connected to London server gw-london. It is then possible to make recategorization suggestions on the result page, if desired.

Two models are available. Easily prioritize and monitor network traffic to guarantee high-speed transmission for the most important traffic types.

Test reachability of remote hosts from tutorrial local network. For every installation of Kerio Control, a stand-alone license for the corresponding number of users is required! If the firewall is not a member of the domain, click Join Domain. Figure 4 The headquarters — routing configuration for the tunnel connected to the London filial In case that the VPN configuration described here is applied see figure 1it is unrecommended to use automatically provided routes!

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Access rights and email reports Access to statistics and email reporting can be set by simple rules. Specification The network follows the pattern shown in figure 1.

You have several options for this configuration: Check that Enable DNS cache for faster responses to repeat queries is enabled. Therefore, Kerio Control allows such configuration of statistics that is customized so that only useful data is gathered and useful statistics created. McDonald’s “UntilMcDonald’s was not kerii with the information technology in its Czech and Slovakian outlets. Then specify these users in the Source item forewall the NAT rule. The Internet connection functionality is kept if proxy server is used — it is not necessary to edit configuration of individual hosts or only some hosts should be re-configured.


Read article Configuration Assistant. It is recommended to enable synchronization of time against a time server.

If you do not intend to keep these statistics, disable this option categorization of all web pages might be demanding and it might decrease Kerio Control performance. Configuring time zone 1. In column Source leave Any. Select option Use parent proxy server.


For these interfaces, it will be necessary to define corresponding traffic rules manually e. Configuring accounts You can: The only difference of Kerio VPN configuration between this type and VPN with no redundant routes is setting of routing between endpoints of individual tunnels. tuhorial

Unified Threat Management Without Complexity

Select option Periodically check for new versions. This filtering on different network layers is easily configured by a single set of rules similar to traffic policy. Kerio Control does not limit number of defined user accounts.

In the administration interface, go to Users or Groups. In addition to this, these routes are monitored and managed all the time Kerio Control is running. At this point, it is recommended to test reachability of the remote hosts in the other remote networks at remote endpoints of individual tunnels.

Registering full version If your trial version is registered, the license file will be automatically imported to your product within 24 hours from your purchase.

Perform basic configuration of Kerio Control by using the connectivity wizard and the traffic policy wizard. Common method The following actions must be taken in all local networks: Figure 1 Proxy server configuration on browsers: This allows definition of rules for forwarding specific traffic through a selected Interface — so called policy routing. Blocking Tutrial To deny Facebook, you keri to add the following rule: Most importantly, I have not yet tested this with enough samples to be certain that no bugs remain.


The following rules are used for route firewalll If the local network consists of cascaded segments i. You can move VLANs to other interface groups. keri

Kerio Control | Network Security for your Business | Kerio Technologies

For details refer to Connecting Kerio Control to directory service. The optional antivirus service scans all web and FTP traffic, email attachments and downloads, automatically updating itself with the latest virus definitions. Hosts in the local network can be configured automatically by DHCP protocol. Any IP address included in a defined subnet winroyte be reserved. Wildcards are used for this purpose.

The Interface Group leave as it is. If you want to check your settings, icons marked with R represent reserved addresses. Mapped services can be accessed by clients both from the Internet and from firewalll local network. Kerio Control allows manual settings or synchronization with an NTP server recommended.

Adding accounts from a directory service Adding accounts from directory services is described in article Connecting Kerio Control to directory service. This implies wibroute the only thing to do is actually to run the DHCP server.