Ear External ear tumors – benign / nonneoplastic. Keratosis obturans. Author: Nat Pernick, M.D. (see Authors page) Revised: 23 February , last major. Keratosis obliterans usually found on a bilateral basis and may be accompanied by bronchiectasis and chronic sinusitis. In keratosis obturans. Keratosis obturans: is accumulation of desquamated keratin in the external auditory meatus. This should be differentiated from primary auditory canal.

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Keratosis obturans

The obliteranz common symptom is hearing lossotalgia greatotorea and bilateral tinnitus is accompanied by bronchiectasis and chronic sinusitis. Multiple layers of dead skin cells encroach over the canal in concentric fashion like onion skin. You can also scroll through stacks with olbiterans mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Highly keratinized skin provides the basis for callus formation, as seen on the fingers of guitar players.

This could also be caused by surgical trauma as in patients who have undergone stapedectomy.

The piece of exposed bone in the external canal becomes infected and sequests. Localized scleroderma Localized morphea Morphea—lichen sclerosus et atrophicus overlap Generalized morphea Atrophoderma of Obliterabs and Pierini Pansclerotic morphea Morphea profunda Linear scleroderma.

It is not associated with hearing impairment. However, it may be because of eczemaseborrheic and furonkulosis. Symptoms are conventionally bilaterally cases of childhood more Oftenwhereas unilateral disease occur more in adults – Regarding a young ageless than 40 years.


Keratosis obturans and external auditory canal cholesteatoma.

Keratosis obturans and external ear canal cholesteatoma: Hearing loss and severe pain the caused by the insistence oblitwrans the keratinized epithelium clot in the ear canal. It is kerxtosis thought to be caused by trauma to the bone covering the external canal. CT scan of temporal bones may reveal canal erosion and widening. This is consistent with the study of normal skin on the outer ear is done by Alberti shows that there are normal epithelial migration from the tympanic membrane to the external auditory meatus According Paparella and Shumrickkeratosis obturans can be caused by several factorsamong others: Retrieved from kerafosis https: Epidermal nevus Syndromes Epidermal nevus syndrome Schimmelpenning syndrome Nevus comedonicus syndrome Nevus comedonicus Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus Linear verrucous epidermal nevus Pigmented hairy epidermal nevus syndrome Systematized epidermal nevus Phakomatosis pigmentokeratotica.

Keratosis Obturans – When Ear Wax Is Not Ear Wax

Three to five drops can be applied for 15 minutes. Dermatologic terminology Cutaneous condition stubs. Thank you for updating your details. Cutaneous lupus erythematosus chronic: The oil can then be strained and placed in another bottle.

The second form occurs bilaterally and may be linked to genetic or acquired obliterand an enzyme not yet identified which is responsible for the separation of superficial keratin layer. Althoughit can be caused by chronic hyperemia increase desquamasi and formation of epidermal keratin debris. In additionsurgery can be performed with general anesthesia for surgical debridementcanal plasty and timpanomastoidektomi can be done to Prevent the continued erosion of bone.


Normallythe surface epithelium of the tympanic membrane pars flaksida migrate down to the pars Tensa and then move past the inferior tympanic membrane.

Check for errors and try again. If not addressed properly will happen skin erosion and destruction of bone sections external auditory meatus. This cutaneous condition article is keratosix stub.

Pathology Outlines – Keratosis obturans

Keratosis obturans commonly occur in young patients. Log in Sign up. Keloid Hypertrophic scar Cutis verticis gyrata. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. This migration failure or obstruction at the time of migration caused by keratin layer causes epithelial debris accumulation on the inside of the meatus.

The first form there is a chronic inflammation in the subepithelial tissuekeartosis this is responsible for epithelial hyperplasia and accumulation of keratin in the external canal ear canal. Etiology keratosis obturans until now unknown.

The pathologic features of keratosis obturans and cholesteatoma of the external auditory canal. It occurs when this layer out normally.

Canal plasty is helpful in recurrent cases 3. Hearing loss and severe ear pain caused by clots insistence keratinized epithelium in the ear canal.