The K1 II uses Kawai DC-8 memory cards for external data storage, These cards are available from your nearest authorized Kawai dealer. Kawai DC or. As you can well see, Kawai’s naming scheme got significantly out of hand in the early s. There have to be more “K”, “1” and “I” characters on this page than. Download KAWAI K1II-SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Thank you for the patches. Please send the archives password.

Kawai K1-II Manuals

This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use maual sounds. I just bought a used K1 which is missing all factory presets: The K1II’s full editing capabilities and D08 memory cards available as extra cost options allow you to build up your own library of original sounds.

Would also like to check out your sounds too of course, cheers, Paul. Volume I and II could contain duplicate sounds, but I decided to include it within this package kkawai your benefit just in case there were a difference.

K1 K1m Kawai SERVICE MANUAL | SynthXL – Service & Repair Manual

AM Ring modulation The addition of ring modulation expands the K1II range to include overloaded sounds of the type that digital waves alone cannot reproduce. Hello, happy holidays and thank you for the patches. Thank you for offering new life into these still very unique machines! Sign In Sign Up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Thank you so much for making you your K1 patches available. After one year from the discovery of your UltraProteus pack, here is another one for another one of my synths! Thanks for the patches!

Looking forward to playing them soon with my K1r II. Thank you for your generosity! Hello michael, I would very much like to use your patches for my kawai k1 II which I acquired recently, and which I fell in love kanual as soon as I touch it.

Kawai K1-II Manuals

Features VM tone generator The K1II built-in sound generator offers a selection of basic waveforms using the two most advanced approaches to sound synthesis: Your email address will NOT be used for any mznual purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank You for making these available. Sign up for a new account in our community. I have lost the original sound banks and hope to be able to restore them. During editing, it provides a rapid means of changing parameter values.

Thank you so very much much for sharing these! Thank you for this kawa work to keep the K1 alive after 30 years. I just have purchased a K1m second hand a few weeks ago.

Manhal download your sample patches. Janual got my k1 ii! Thanks in advance for the Kawai K1 patches…! Thanks for the information package and backups to the old patches.

Separate drum section This track, which offers a selection of 32 percussion instruments, is completely separate from the eight multi-timbre patches. The archive is also password protected. It was loaded with sound effects and crappy patches! For further flexibility, the K1″ allows the musician to choose whether each sound source responds to notes received on the MIDI channel, those played on the keyboard, or both. Very much looking forward using these in my latest work.


Love the K1, looking forward to giving the patches a try. This will get me busy on the kasai Many thanks again for providing those! These sounds breathe a lot of fresh air into my already dusty K1!

Thanks for the patches. On your K1-II control panel make the following parameter changes: Hi Thank you for these patches. Interested in getting the new patches installed as well.

Thank you for kindly making your K1 patches available. Thank you so much. These patches and documentation should provide many insights into the K1 series synthesizers. I appreciate you keeping the legacy alive. I also have the K4.

Just got a K1 and I am enjoying it a lot! Thanks for that, much appreciated! On your K1-II control panel make the following parameter changes:.

Already have an account? Kawaj new Kawai sound banks Copyright Michael Lyon. There are no reviews to display.