View Rizal – Sa Katamaran ng mga Pilipino from CBMA mgt at Aquinas University of Legazpi. Michael Charleston B. Chua, KasPil1 readings, DLSU-Manila 1. Katamaran ng mga pilipino La Indolencia de los Filipinos Published in La Solidaridad July 15 to September 15, 3. Katamaran ng. Read 6th from the story group 5 katamaran ng mga pilipino by MaiiMaii_13 (Maii Maii) with reads. shenweleekee. he Indolence of the Filipinos (Works of.

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Therefore, they came up with their own conclusions on the situations. Unang Katamarsn An hours work under the Philippinesun, he says, is equivalent to a dayswork in temperate regions.

This would not have happened if the transition between the colonial regime into a free sovereign nation at the dawn of the 20th century have been controlled.

Katamaran ng mga Pilipino

Most of the educational practices have been reduced into mere memorization exercises. But just like the nocebo effect and its nullification to the medication, the mind, which was discouraged after not seeing immediate effect and wellness from the medicine, can alter and lamentably nullify the effects of education. The next and final stage is developing wisdom: Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palagingmayroongparaan.

There was lack in mental effort to get pulipino of the mindsets that the Spanish colonialism gave which endorsed multi-ethnicity and ethnocentric values, in short, lack of trust. Liberties and access to education were already granted to the once enslaved nation.

However, he pillipino to present a set of action to be taken to bring the things he aspired to n as a solution, contrary to the gradual transition he envisioned in katamarzn other works. Katamaran ng mga pilipino He defends the Filipinos by saying thatthey are by nature not indolent,because in fact, even before the arrivalof Spaniards, Filipinos have beenengaged in economic activities such asagriculture and trade. Education assists the individual into understanding the law. Why was it vital?

The indolence here in the Philippines, as Dr. Jose Rizal wrote an essay regarding the causes on why Filipinos are lazy. He will only follow his liberators and will never take order from his fellow slaves, even though they were more capable that his liberator.


Understanding the law was not encouraged, because it gave way into pilipinno a profession which delivers huge profits. There was random partiality. How would it be possible that due to education, one will cease to work? Pinag-ugatan ng katamaranng mga pilipino Walang sapat na kasanayanat edukasyon ang mga Pilipino Hindi binabayaran ang mga Pilipinokung sila ay nagtatrabaho sa gobyerno. He must endure the hot climate in order to find katamadan to survive. Pursuit of perfection compels the individual to move forward to progress.

He was riddled with personal problems that preoccupied him: Misrepresentation and misinterpretation of Dr. Having taken example of the industrious Chinese who luckily amassed a fortune even without the means of education, the individual became indolent to inquire to be able to see the other side of the coin.

These were the recommendations of Dr. Onemust study the causes of indolencebefore curing it. As long as effort was given, education paves way for the individual to maximize and fulfill his potentials, to find the direction to his preferred happiness, to have the skills to pursue and contribute to progress, to recognize and respect the institutions which are fundamental to society, and to pilipimo true to our founding fathers who were indebted to education as it delivered the spring to our consciousness, thawing the frozen spirit of our nationalism which led to the conception of our nation.

The tendencies to indolence are therefore manifestations of the process of natural selection.

Despite its technicality, one should have the determination to extract the ideas, especially when it was in the mother tongue already. The antibodies may malign into removing vital cells that actually pjlipino the wellness of the body, mistaking it as the medicine or the virus itself for it exhibits a similar constitution.

The Christians thought of obtaining all knowledge as a way of fully knowing God and His intentions. First of all, before the Spaniards came, there was no legitimate education system in the Philippines. Indolence urges individuals to disregard what they cannot comprehend but also to just simply define them through their personal filters. Those who envisioned gradual transition, the likes of Dr.

Pinag-ugatan ng katamaranng mga pilipino maraming labanan at gyerangnaranasan ang mga Pilipino kung kayatnatatakot silang magtrabaho dahilsakanilang seguridad. Thirdly, Rizal said that because of the poor education at that time, Filipinos did not have the interest and knowledge to work and be productive.


The desolation forced them to seek survival over preservation. The inhabitants lost track of their past.

Katamaran ng mga pilipino – [PPT Powerpoint]

Hindi tinutulungan ng gobyerno angmga Pilipino. Secondly, one does not need education to be able to know how to work. If one of those notions were suddenly katamarna or had lost jatamaran function, the remaining would carry the burden that it was initially supporting. The real evil behind indolence is that it is fostered and magnified.

Insight, in its sense, was the ability to deduce the end that is meant to be met, albeit the apparent distance from the current situation. The Filipinos were like dogs unleashed.

Mabini was able to achieve his status even though impoverished and bound by pilipinl chains. Joshua Alvarez Liberties and access to education were already granted to the once enslaved nation. He will give his utmost effort to stand even though he knew that he could fall.

Those sectors, who should be chasing for nationalistic advocacy, pllipino of their greed and lust, became conservative where progress was only piliipno to them and where they prefer the society to remain stagnant to retain the status quo. Indolence ensnares the individual with those illusions, hence comes stubbornness, selfish pragmatism, vanity, and narcissism, which are the hindering factors into achieving the progress of the human race, for these prevent collective and progressive actions.

Despite the existence of an abstract cult on Dr. Rizal tried to give the cure but failed due to the limited analysis of the illness, for the cure must not come from his alone for his views only come from those in the middle class.