So Bama Faustina published her milestone work Karukku privately in —a passionate and important mix of history, sociology, and the strength to remember. This essay argues that Dalit autobiographies must be treated as testimonio, atrocity narratives that document trauma and strategies of survival. Using Bama’s . Bama is the pen-name of a Tamil Dalit woman, from a Roman Catholic family. She has published three main works: an autobiography, Karukku, ; a novel, .

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Bama (writer)

After serving as a nun for seven years, Bama left the convent and began writing. Karukku is an elegy to the community Bama grew up in. Can’t stop thinking about the strength of her writing. Oarukku the end, she writes about life after leaving the nunnery.

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Karukku is an intense autobiography that gives a searing bamx of the life of a Tamil Dalit Kxrukku woman against a society which still discriminates on the basis of caste and practises untouchability. Books like this should be read and taught because they impart a deeper understanding and could make us more empathetic and humane. We must crush all these institutions that use caste to bully us into submission, and demonstrate that among human beings there are none who are high or low.

Dec 01, Anejana. This is what drew me to Karukku and this is why the book will stay with me.


Karukku – Bama Faustina, Lakshmi Holmström, Mini Krishnan – Oxford University Press

She writes of the oppression she faced within the convent to practice her religion and daily life in a particular manner. He karuk,u to have been overshadowed by Gandhiji during the initial decades of independence. Focused on the observations and thoughts of the narrator, karkuku times the story seemed to exist in a vacuum. In Karukku, Bama attempts to provide us a glimpse of her life as a Dalit girl growing up in a village in Tamil Nadu.

In when a Dalit woman left the convent and wrote her autobiography, the Tamil publishing industry found her language unacceptable. Those who have found their happiness by exploiting us are not going to go easily. This book is about her journey spanning over many years of hardship, when she finally realised why it was so.

Choose your country or region Close. The problem I had with the story is the writing.

They laughed, cursed, fought and cried; but were never cowed down by authority. Refresh and try again. That said, the injustices perpetrated in the Karuoku Church specifically the Order in which the author was training to be a nun was a revelation to me. Karumku is a poignant subaltern novel that speaks of the childhood experiences of the author.

We must not accept the injustice of our enslavement by telling ourselves it is our fate, as if we have no true feelings; we must dare to stand up for change.


The living condition of the Parayas, as Bama describes it, is pitiful; and the way they are abused by everyone up on the caste ladder they happen karukky be on the lowest rung with even the police colluding is horrific. I wish to believe that my first hypothesis is true inspite of enough evidence in favour of the second one.

‘Karukku’: An Autobiography By Bama Exploring Her Tamil, Dalit And Christian Identity

She writes karuku of humorous incidents she remembers from her childhood, the games she used to play with her friends, good meals with her family and the oppression of her community by the police, upper-castes, and the convent. Even among the students, the rich and pedigreed are preferred to the poor and needy. She describes a college party that she did not attend because she could not afford to buy a new saree, hiding in the bathroom until it was over.

I have always been proud of my identity as a feminist, bibliophile and bibliomane. At 25, Karukku is in full kraukku.

Bama (writer) – Wikipedia

The novel cannot be completely categorized as autobiographical because of the presence of fictional elements. It is interesting to note the contrast with Omprakash Valmiki here.

It was the story of a community.