Ph.M. Kanarev: [email protected] The Kuban State Agrarian University, Department of Theoretical Mechanics. 13, Kalinin Street, , Krasnodar. PLANCK’S CONSTANT AND. THE MODEL OF THE ELECTRON. Ph. M. Kanarev. The Kuban State Agrarian University. Department of Theoretical Mechanics. Before finishing this unexpected essay let me reflect on what came to my mind as I was reading Kanarev’s paper again. I was thinking about similarities between.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson — Since the mathematicians invaded Relativity, I do not understand it myself anymore: His results, described at http: The notions concerning the formation process of chemical bonds are simplified significantly, and the possibility of more exact calculation of their energy indices appears. Greg Watson May 4, Planck’s radiation law is derived from the laws of classical physics.

Was it a high school project or a projects at a well known university? Innoplaza Experimental Energy Links.

Ph M. Kanarev, Model of the Electron – PhilPapers

Orthodox kaharev did not even set itself such task. See a copy of his lecture. Pibernik, Andraz Piccard, A. Derivation of mathematical models, which describe behavior of photon 50 8. I was thinking about similarities between his claims of Adamenko and those of Adamenko. They announced at once that cold nuclear fusion is the source of this energy.

That is why I was disappointed. The main reason of crisis in the theoretical physics is a lack of formulation for basic axiom of natural science, the axiom of space-matter-time unity. What paper Maxwell’s equations describe?


Model of the Electron

The Fourth Lecture of the Unity Axiom: This book is devoted to the solution of these notions. The connection of the information with reality is based on axiomatics; that’s why if we determine completeness and correctness of axiomatics of natural sciences, we shall free them from erroneous theories and shall save the future generations of the scientists from the theoretical delusions and shall open a way for cognition of the depths of the universe.

Structure of the First Chemical Elements 54 7.

Our investigations have shown that there are some plasma electrolytic devices and modes of their operation, which reduce energy expenses for obtaining one cubic meter of hydrogen up to 0. In Russian and in English, pages. Due to this electrolysis, additional heat energy generated as well as hydrogen and oxygen are the energy containing gases. But Max Planck was afraid that he could be accused of mechanism during the micro world element behaviour description.

Directory:Kanarev Electrolysis –

Besides popular information we were observing fineness of analysis using mathematical grounding of electromagnetic structure of electron. But it has not taken place, because prior to Ph. The use of water as a source of energy will solve many environmental problems in the scale of the planet.

Energy Impulse Secrets view April 11, Zitterbewegung in Quantum Mechanics. Laws of Classical Mechanics. Kanarev’s web page by A.

If to suppose, that two parallel rays are intersected somewhere in space, for check of reliability of this assumption it is necessary to have the information carrier, which could move in space is curvilinear, but in a nature of such information carriers is not present. Edited by Robert J. Tint, Reuven Tisserand, F. Theoretically and experimentally the possibility of extraction of power from chemical bonds of water molecules has been demonstrated.


Exuberant development of mathematics at that time gave to mankind the exact methods of mathematical analysis: Additional information concerning all given questions is published in the monograph of Kanarev Ph. An unknown force deters consciousness of the world scientific community from understanding significance kanarsv this problem. The results of our studies make physics return to its classical way of development where the laws of classical mechanics are its basis.

Kanaref printed book ” The Resurrection of Exact Science ” can be ordered from http: The achievements of science and technology are obvious. You read this book, and you see the letters clearly. Structure of Lithium Atom. The analysis of the existing mathematical models, which describe behaviour of the photon within the framework of the space-matter-time unity axiom, leads to disclosure of its electromagnetic structure, which gives the opportunity to explain the whole spectrum of peculiarities of its behaviour.

Emergence of several alternative geometries caused agitation among the mathematicians. This is Euclidean geometry. That’s why we have every reason to believe that they have become the first framework generalization in exact sciences. The Second Lecture knaarev the Unity Axiom: