The Commission submitted its report on 2. Report. Supreme Court appointed Justice E. Padmanabhan, a retired High Court Judge as one member Committee to make suitable recommendations having. judicial officers of the States can be increased. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations. Copy already. Report of First National Judicial Pay Commission – Headed by Hon’ble all the Governments for implementation of Justice E. Padmanabhan.

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Orissa High Court 3.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Whether judicial Officers are also entitled to grade pay? They are aggrieved by the recommendation of Justice Padmanabhan Committeeas contained in Shetty Commission and the Padmanabhan Commission, and without consulting the High Court in this regard.

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. On behalf of applicant T. Government’s Order dated Apex court is ther to take care of things.

padmanabhan committee

It is being seen that senior readers commihtee steno are getting more salary than magistrates. Further the petitioner cannot claim revision of his pay on the basis of even Shetty Commission Report leave apart Padmanabhan Committee recommendation. We approve the recommendation made by Justice Padmanabhan Committee in Para We salute this great personality and pray to the almighty God that This historic man may live as long as the Sun and Earth.


State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. They are aggrieved by the recommendation of the Justice Padmanabhan Committeeas contained in Para 31 of its Report.

Despite these drawbacks if the Fast Track Courts could deliver then think of the wonders that can be expected if better amenities are provided to the judiciary.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Based on the said recommendations, a Government Resolution dated 5th January was For Petitioner s Mr. District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 5.

Their contention is that the pay scales to be paid to the Judicial Officers would be much higher then what padnanabhan being paid to other Executives of the States. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property 0. The Apex Court that boasts of being the guardian of the right to privacy must realise that even judicial officers and their family members deserve privacy and not constant gaze of one and all as if they are prisoners.

If the existing cases are dealt with in a more pragmatic way, there won’t be a need for more courts. Also the fast track courts should be abolished and the regular courts that were prevailing earlier are more than enough to bring down the pendency of cases.

We make the A. The executive officers are jealous in this matter and they are thinking that Judicial officer are low cadre officer.


This is the only example the state governments are not interested and not giving response the Judiciary. Subordinate judicial officers should make a representation that the exam which is conducted for the entry level District Judges i.

Ravi Prakash Mehrotra, Adv. Just I kept the reprt item published in the above on line paper for further search on this matter and they are not my own words and let us wait for receiving orders of Repirt Apex court. The learned Solicitor-General submitted that the obligation to meet the expenses of the judicial service, except for the Supreme Court and the courts in the Union Territories, was on the State Governments.

Padmanabhan Committee was required to determine the pay scale of all the Judicial Padmanabhan may be decided later. Atlast, the salaries kustice the subordinate judiciary have raised to a level where it can match the metropolitan standards of living with decency. ADJ exam should be open to Bar and the Bench alike viz. Competition Appellate Tribunal 0.