A documented record of the Foundations of the Christian Religions. Contents include: Pagan Frauds – Christian Precedents; Hebrew Holy Forgeries; Christian . Joseph Wheless (Montgomery County, Tennessee ) was an American lawyer who According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Works[edit]. Is it God’s Word ; Debunking the Law of Moses ; Forgery in Christianity Forgery in Christianity has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. sologdin said: i really want to love this, but its ambitious argument is not well substantiated by.

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Many of these quotes are somewhat strange.

Forgery In Christianity

Wherefore, from the doctrine of religion, and from those utterances universally, which are uttered on behalf of the doctrine of religion, in the teaching and learning of the same, all lies must be utterly kept aloof.

To obviate abuses, he orders under pain of excommunication or suspension that pontifical Bulls be received only from the hands of the pope or of the officials charged to deliver them.

Thus the Church enchains the Reason. For this cause he submitted to the law, although he josepph the righteousness which came from the law but loss after receiving the faith in Christ. The correct reference is Pseudo-Augustine, Sermones Ad fratres in eremo Catholic Encyclopedia, “Life of St.

But should you meet with a person not yet believing the gospel, how would you reply to him were he to say, I do not believe? This tells us that Wheless did not verify his quotations. To accomplish this purpose with unimpeachable certitude, I need and make no apology for the liberal use of quotation marks in presenting the ensuing startling array of accusations and confessions; to be followed by the plenary proofs. Perhaps you will read the gospel to me, and will attempt to find there a testimony to Manichaeus.


To ask other readers questions about Forgery in Christianityplease sign up. It’s mentioned in passing in the middle of a passage as vehement as possible in the opposite direction.

• FORGERY IN CHRISTIANITY by Joseph Wheless: Notes and Contents

For as a proof that it is beneficial not only to the deceivers, but also to those who are deceived; if you go to any of the physicians and ask them how they relieve whelesss patients from disease, they will tell you that they do not depend upon their jossph skill alone, but sometimes conduct the sick to health by availing themselves of deceit, and blending the assistance which they derive from it with their art.

In the chapter Dura vi, “De crimine falsi”, written inpars decisaInnocent III relates that he had discovered and imprisoned forgers who had prepared a number of false Bulls, bearing forged signatures either of his predecessor or of himself.

It seemed to me, therefore, a chrristianity idea to test the accuracy of them.

This sort of page is something I would rather not do. Newton Baker Dan Barker Rev. Read his epistles, and especially those addressed to the Romans, to the Galatians, and to the Ephesians, in all of which he stands in the thick of the battle, and you will see how skilful and how careful he is in the proofs which he draws from the Old Testament, and how warily he cloaks the object which he has in view.

To teach a disciple is one thing; to vanquish an opponent, another. Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless. For if the merchants of the world undergo such hardships to win a doubtful and passing gain, and if after seeking it through many dangers they only keep it at risk of their lives; what should Christ’s merchant do who “selleth all that he hath” that he may acquire the “one pearl of great price;” who with his whole substance buys a field that he may find therein a treasure which neither thief can dig up nor robber carry away?


How accurate are the quotations in Wheless’ Forgery in Christianity?

Incendiary in its passion and irrefutable in its evidence, this classic of atheistic literature condemns Christianity as superstition and wishful thinking rooted in early paganism, “sourced” by anonymous fables, and promoted by self-serving men seeking “worldly riches and power.

The existence and whereabouts of Paulus being revealed to Anthony in a vision, he set out joselh to visit the holy Paulus.

Therefore I ask, who is this Manichaeus? Augustine, about A. While Lucilius is rightly assailed by Horace 1 for the unevenness of his verses, he is christanity rightly praised for his wit and his charming style.

Anton Klink marked it as to-read Jun 15, We’ve all met the sort of ‘quote’ which is verbally accurate but so selected and arranged as to tell a fairy-story, if only in a TV documentary. Now, as to the just cause, American lawyers American atheists births deaths Christ myth theory proponents Freethought writers. Jordan Krueger marked it as to-read Dec 03, chrstianity Naslund rated it it was amazing Aug 20, He was firgery of Joseph Wheless Sr.

I-Ie mentions defence of life and of honour, and the safe custody of a secret. Language is extreme, and men may make reservations without being fraudulent, but the basic facts are correct.

The Bank of Forgrey is always looking for more of these old, hidden, suppressed and forgotten books that contain needed facts and information for today.

Augustine is not talking about religious education. But we shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity.