Bangkok’s Chatuchak area is of course famous for the mother of all markets, Chatuchak Weekend Market the biggest in Asia. Covering 70 rai (35 acres) of land. A full guide to Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, including map, how to get there and hotels near JJ market. It’s also known as Jatujak. everything imaginable for sale!.

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And who wants to get lost and miss the good parts? The biggest weekend market in Thailand is organized and separated into zones. Below you will find one of the best maps of Chatuchak Weekend Market I found on the internet. Remember, Natujak is separated into zones, each specializing on the items and goods sold. You can get plenty of maps online or at Thai tourist info centers. As you can see on the map, zones 2, 5 and 6 are all on the same side of the market.

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok – Bangkok Weekend Market

Good luck on that. I recommend starting off at zone 2 simply because the Kamphaeng Phet MRT subway station is practically right next to zone 2. Just be sure to use subway station Exit 2. This is exit 2 of the Kamphaeng Phet subway station, very close to zone 2…. Now if you take a good look at the map below, you will see many other sections also selling clothes and Thai handicraft, particularly right in the center of Chatuchak. Zone 2 is perhaps one of the most visited section of Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Thai locals have a voracious appetite for the new.

They love to seek the unique and share it on Facebook. I love the whole entire market. As long as it fits in your jatujjak of course. Because the worst thing you can do is getting back on that plane and regretting you never bought it.

Finally items in zone 2 are a bit more expensive compared to the rest of JJ Market because the items are a little more unique.

In this zone you will find used clothing, particularly denim. You can also find stalls selling brand name jeans as well with labels. Even though Bangkok is hot mwp humid through the year Thai locals love denim wear. If it looks good on them and the price is right they have to have a pair of jean pant or jacket. Prices for clothes in this zone are reasonable though there is space to get discounts as long as you buy more items. You might even find brand name clothing too.


Chatuchak Weekend Market is an incredible place filled with lots to see, eat and of course shop. Jenny Gonzales May 16, 8: Warren May 17, 7: Most definitely you will find all types of tableware in Chatuchak. I also recommend heading over past JJ Mall there is another outdoor shop, very big selling even more plates of all shapes and sizes.

April van Berkum May 24, Do you know what section we could look for the stainless crafted cutlery? We bought jahujak cool sets there years ago and would like another set.

Often 6 pieces in one set and you can buy 6 or how ever many settings you want. Warren May 26, 8: Take a look at the JJ Market map on this post. April Van Berkum May 28, 3: Brenda June 4, 4: Not worth to visit at all.

Chatuchak Map

Price wise around the same in partunam market or can be more expensive here. Beware of the weight on the snack item, I was cheated on the weight that I bought and is jatijak expensive!!! Candice June 14, 4: Anthony Chia July 9, 7: Hi I like to know the section and store that sell military surplus items?

Warren July 10, 7: Hi Anthony, should be in the middle pink colored section. But could be some in the used clothing area too. Chris August 8, 6: Have you been to the antiques section yet?

File: – Wikimedia Commons

Warren August 9, 4: Great blog article by the way, I enjoyed reading it! Joyce Yong September 10, 5: Hi, do you know when is the exact business hours of this market? Warren September 11, 2: Hello Joyce, I can understand your confusion. So, JJ Mall is opened 7 days a week from jatujka ish to 9pm ish. There are no exact hours as each stall is independently owned.

Some shops can close earlier, some shops close later. MY October 4, 4: Hello Warren, Was wondering if you have came across any shops selling ukelele at Chatuchak Weekend Market? If so, where is the location of the shop?


I saw a photo of a shop selling ukele but had been unable to jatkjak more details of the shop. Thank you in advance. Warren October 5, 2: CW November 2, 2: I was wondering where I could find mens dress shirts.

Warren November 5, 5: Might be more convenient to buy it at a shopping mall. The cost jatujaak not be big. Lary December 1, 1: Would this be a good place to find those triagular cushions?

Might I also find a large duffle bag to pack them in for the flight? Warren December 1, 9: Yes, I do know they sell those long triangular cushions.

And duffel jatujjak, most definitely! Warren January jatkjak, 3: Mehak, center of Chatuchak Weekend Market you might find what you need. Bernie Guy January 27, My Thai wife and I bought some handcrafted framed wall art in a stall in section The stuff was a huge hit among her Thai friends and we had offers to buy it from us at a nice profit.

If I could find the vendor I would buy a bunch more and have them shipped to us. Can anybody help us ajtujak the vendor? Archie February 7, Warren February 8, 6: Jayla Mzp 15, 4: Warren March 16, 3: Violette March 19, 9: Warren March 23, 4: Gao Thai April 6, I love going to zone 2 also because there are lots of great finds there.

Vikki May 1, 3: Warren Mpa 3, 6: If I recall correctly there are some stores on 3rd floor that sell teak items including spirit houses. Jenna June 2, 6: The work was amazing. Warren June 2, 3: Hello Jenna, yes a lot of very cool artwork can be found in Chatuchak.

Nick August 13, 6: This looks like a great forum to find out where to find specific things at Chatuchak market. Do you think I could locate these items at Chatuchack market?