In God and the Astronomers, Dr. Robert Jastrow, world-renowned astrophysicist, describes the astronomical discoveries of recent years and the theological. “When a scientist writes about God, his colleagues assume that he is over the hill or going bonkers, ” says Dr. Jastrow in GOD AND THE ASTRONOMERS. R Jastrow article on astronomical evidence bearing on origins of When an astronomer writes about God, his colleagues assume he is either.

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God and the Astronomers Astronomers Hubble, Humanson discovered galaxies moving away from the earth.

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In other projects Wikipedia. A very easy read In my case it should be understood from the start that I am an agnostic in religious matters. Get to Know Us.

Robert Jastrow

That makes ID religious by definition, they say. This book was a quick read, giving the basics of astronomy and physics recent history.

Mar 03, Jake Page rated it really liked it. I believe in the Big Band Theory now, but don’t think it should be taught without recognizing God’s place godd it. The author expresses his gratitude to “Sally Bassett for exceptional dedication and ability in carrying out many tasks of editing, indexing and proofreading”; one wonders if this is ironic.


May 04, Zarah rated it liked it Shelves: If every effect in science has a cause, what caused the birth of the universe? If the universe was created, it follows that there may be a Creator. We become irritated, we pretend the conflict does not exist, or we paper it over with meaningless phrases.

Robert Jastrow – Wikiquote

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No; he was lamenting his latest birthday presents. Norton; First Edition edition Language: It turns out that the scientist behaves gov way the rest of us do when our beliefs are in conflict with the evidence. Also, I think before anyone reads this book they need to realize it was published in Feb 26, Frederick rated it did not like it. Opponents of ID routinely argue that a designer for the universe would necessarily be a supernatural God.

Physicist stubs Astronomers Cosmologists deaths American physicists. This was a great summary of the origins of the Big Bang Theory. I see a lot of comments about how this book is pointless Jared Brown rated it liked it Nov 23, Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Seven Days That Divide the World: Open Preview See a Problem?


God and the Astronomers by Robert Jastrow

Xstronomers Options Sign in. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is It’s an odd piece of work, and its author seems to have been an odd person.

Retrieved from ” https: There’s a lesson here, though it’s a depressing one. A fascinating book that has aged both extremely well and extremely poorly. Jastrow is still agnostic; this book has nothing to do with creationism.

Robert Jastrow is a self-proclaimed agnostic, and he gives a history of the discovery of the new cosmology starting with Einstein and Hubble and ending today. Dan Smith rated it really liked it Dec 30, Have scientists, with exquisite irony, brought themselves face to face with the possibility of God? He explains the clinching evidence for the Big Bang – the detection of the primordial fireball that enveloped the Universe at the time of its formation.

Don’t waste your time.