The first installment in Jasper Fforde’s New York Times bestselling series of Thursday Next novels introduces literary detective Thursday Next and. I read a scrappy, dog-eared paperback of Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair for the first time three years ago, curled up outdoors under a large tree. Surreal and hilariously funny, this alternate history, the debut novel of British author Fforde, will appeal to lovers of zany genre work (think Douglas Adams) and.

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The Eyre Affair : Jasper Fforde :

These detectives specialize in crimes concerning books, be fhe from stolen works to copyright infringement. Feb 25, Pages Buy. She rescues Mycroft and the Prose Portal, and returns Jane to the novel. It is only when the cost is counted in human lives that people really take notice. Jane Eyre is gone. Second, there’s the use of names.

The Eyre Affair : Thursday Next Book 1

As you see the construction of the plot line of the book it just fall to notice that there is actually quite a thriller element hidden into it. Surreal and hilariously funny, this alternate history, the debut novel of British author Fforde, will appeal to lovers of zany genre work think Douglas Adams and lovers of classic literature alike. However, she finds Aunt Polly stuck in one of Wordsworth’s poems, and learns that Hades has gone into the original text of Jane Eyre carrying the scrap of paper on which Polly is imprisoned.

It is definitely a fun read! Ghe 25 25 50 All. And the author manages to create an jasperr This is a thoroughly delightful and brilliant book. Set in in a world that is similar to our own, but with a few crucial – and bizarre – differences Wales is a socialist republic, the Crimean War is still ongoing and the most popular pets are home-cloned dodosThe Eyre Affair introduces literary detective named ‘Thursday Next’.


It takes a while to get used to the alternate England that the characters live in, with the ongoing Crimean War and talk of airships giving an air of jaspeer long past, mixed together with futuristic energy beam weapons, splicing technology that has allowed people to keep pet dodos, and machines that can allow people to walk in and out of novels, but this makes it a fascinating portrait of what could have been.

I still loved the premise of the book which I know is developed into even greater things in the next few books in the series.

The Eyre Affair

James Boswell is now often referred to when discussing any devoted biographer. I’m affiar stating the obvious because I couldn’t not forget that she’s a female character written by a male author all the way through the book.

I hope that’s not too obvious. John Rivers in India instead of returning to Rochester. The second part that I fhe immensely is a chapter heading for chapter 20 that purportedly is an excerpt from an article written by Mycroft Next in the New Splicer magazine: More By and About This Author. I highly recommend this book to everybody and did get my in person group to read it When the portal opens, she pushes Schitt inside, and traps him there, while Mycroft destroys the portal.

At the same time, I was struck by how nonchalantly he presented the large and potentially confusing differences between our world and his. She reads a lot of books. Here are my major problems with the part Affaif read. Only a lot shorter. Stay in Touch Sign up. I guess you have to enjoy Fforde’s particular sense of humour. Does anyone know why there is no Chapter 13 in The Eyre Affair? This was my third read and first listen, and it’s still a five star read for me.

I think its aim must’ve been for witty and punny, but instead, it came off as forced and heavy-handed. The Post and Courier. It is on Thursday the story focuses and she is also used as the point-of-view for eyr. Anyway try this one yourself View all 10 comments. Print hardcover and paperback. Hades Finds Another Manuscript I have to confess though, if I ever got a hold of one of those devices to travel into literature, you know the first thing I’d do?


All this is business as usual for Thursday Next, renowned Special Operative in literary detection.

Have I become a jaded reader? I don’t understand who this book is written for. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. I enjoy the concept of the flexibility of the Fun! This book wraps up nicely so that you could just stop the series here or chose to carry on. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Next’s father, a renegade agent from SpecOps, the ChronoGuard, turns up to dispense some fatherly advice to his daughter.

Theresa opened the book and sat down for a nice, afternoon read. An eccentric but charming book. The Book Is Written He also kidnaps Mycroft, Polly, and the Prose Portal in order to blackmail the literary world; any changes made to the plot of a novel’s original manuscript will change all other copies.

Summer readings: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde | Books | The Guardian

In the conclusion I would like to thank my buddy readers who made the read much more pleasant experience. His last shot at redemption could get him killed. Some of it, the main idea, the approach I find very enjoyable.

Also in A Thursday Next Novel.