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I eventually realized, however, that the best way for me to read the book was to try to see it from the point-of-view of someone unfamiliar with the Church and its doctrines. Mar 17, Natalie rated it liked it. That sacred and holy book has been of inestimable hames to the children of men.

Again I sensed the advantages of ethnic arrticles cultural diversity and reflected once more on the importance of religious freedom and tolerance. How can any man indulge himself in the evils of pornographyprofanity, or vulgarity and consider himself totally virtuous?

As a witness of Jesus Christ, I testify that is absolutely false. They were filled with engravings, in Egyptian characters, and bound together in a volume as the leaves of a book, with three rings running through the whole. He would generally be rejected or persecuted by the people of his time, but later generations and descendants of his faitb, would build monuments in his honor.

A priesthood holder should actively seek for that which is virtuous and lovely and not that which is debasing or sordid.


Articles of Faith

He is a testifier and will bear record to us of the divinity of the Father and the Son and of Their missions and of the program which they have given us. I read it just to say that I did. This is a book that details the core beliefs of the LDS church.

May 15, Ryan Smout rated it liked it Shelves: I especially like probity.

The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage – Free Ebook

It is important that discouragement is cast out of the lives of those who are waiting. His brutal fate stands as a stark reminder that we must never be guilty of any sin sown by the seed of intolerance.

His early predilection was for the sciences, and in he took a selected course, mainly in chemistry and geology, at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa.

This work of dispersion was brought about by many stages, and extended through millenniums. The power of directing these labors constitutes the keys of the Priesthood.

Sep 26, Dan rated it galmage was amazing Shelves: However, we testify that these three members of the Godhead are three separate and distinct beings.

jams This essentially reads like a filled-out Topical Guide. The great thing about this book is the way it explains LDS doctrine in a simple and concise way so that it can be understandable to just about anyone. For instance, when talking about the gathering of Israel, the modern nation didn’t exist yet. I honestly liked reading the Articles Of Faith.

Oct 07, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Return to Book Page. I had never heard that before.


If you’re interested in how you can be an intelligent and lucid thinker and also believe a completely crazy religion, Talmage is your man. The principal nation of the second race fell in battle towards the close of the fourth century. The first were called Jaredites, and came directly from the Tower of Babel. This messenger proclaimed himself to be an angel of God, sent to bring the joyful tidings that the covenant which God made with ancient Israel was at hand to be fulfilled, that the preparatory work for the second coming of the Messiah was speedily to commence; that the time was at hand for the Gospel in all its fullness to be preached in power, unto all nations that a people might be prepared for the Millennial reign.

Articles of Faith is considered one of the classics in Latter-day Saint literature. This book contains critical analysis of the Thirteen Articles of Faith which contain the basic fun Dealings with ignorant people are my greatest pet peeve. They believe that God is a spirit and that the Godhead is only one God.

The articles of faith

Jaes speak as one who has read it again and again and tasted of its beauty and depth and power. Adventures and Enthusiasms E. Maxwell, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, testified:.