Using delightful and deceptively powerful stories from everyday experiences, beloved Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein demystifies spirituality, charts the path . In It’s Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness, Sylvia Boorstein, a California-based teacher of Vipassana meditation, weaves together teachings. It’s Easier Than You Think The Buddhist Way to Happiness. By Sylvia Boorstein. A relaxed, down-to-earth primer on Buddhism.

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I found it a very accessible primer to Buddhist philosophy, and especially to how that philosophy can be experienced and practiced in daily life. This is a very good book about the possibilities found through Buddhist practice. Sep 03, Cheryl rated it it was amazing.

It’s Easier Than You Think Quotes by Sylvia Boorstein

She did practice her tjan advice in the interview. That is thaan what I’m interested in. Return to Book Page. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Quoting her description of the mind during meditation: When people begin to see that anger, like any other mind energy, is just a transient phenomenon and therefore workable, they are very relieved [p.

Regular seekers like myself are really happy if they can remember that they’re just ripples and that there is jou side. Boostein I can remember some of it so I can apply the learnings to my own life and its ups and downs. If I truly can, and it wold be a wholesome thing to do, I push myself [p. The line between appreciating and wanting is so very difficult to negotiate, but Silvia shares stories and insights that illuminate the path and the purpose of mindfulness practice. And it is the ultimate experience of this book to hear, in a very undramatic, practical voice, that it is easier to love everyone then remember a few and that “ardent loving wishes for others erases personal fear.


The book is about her journey, and she is providing a pathway for others, but her path doesn’t work for me.

The other is the fear that, even boorstekn it doesn’t go on forever, the pain of whatever is happening will be so terrible we won’t be able to bokrstein it. Reading these short chapters is very much like sitting in the kitchen of a friend over a cup of tea and coffee cake. Sep 19, Codii rated it it was amazing. She answered in 10 seconds. Mary had spoken to me about how formidable passing through those big doors had been for her thirty years earlier when she had entered as a novice.

Obviously, not rocket science. I found this a little encouraging but mostly unpersuasive. It means we should act carefully.

And don’t forget Anicca, Dukkha, and Anatta?!? No, you don’t have to be Buddhist to enjoy this, or even to benefit from Boorstein’s teachings. Which leads to my main problem with the book: Sylvia Boorstein shows us how to take a step back from our thoughts and reflect thwn our reflections before we jump into anger or frustration or annoyance.

It’s easier than you think. – Posts from the Path

She recommended that you take 60 seconds before responding to people. When I am sad, I cry easily.


What a relief it would be to know that whatever wave comes along, we can ride it out with grace [p. Jun 21, Kristine rated it it was amazing. Now is visiting-Aunt Mary time.

If I could remember everything I read in this little book, I would be well on my way to being enlightened. It’s been wonderful for me It means we should act carefully.

It’s easier than you think.

Boorstein provides a good introduction to Buddhism and the key concepts. It had tall, heavy, imposing doors and a very long staircase htan up to them. A wonderfully engaging guide, full of humor, memor Using delightful and deceptively powerful stories from everyday experiences, beloved Buddhist tyink Sylvia Boorstein demystifies spirituality, charts the path to happiness through the Buddha’s basic teachings, shows how to eliminate hindrances to clear seeing, and develops a realistic course toward wisdom and compassion.

In depth, not at all. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act. Maybe it will work for others. I never “get” it, it’s never “finished. Tyan suppose that’s why we speak of spiritual “practice”-it’s like exercise. Feb 24, lynn rated it it was amazing.

Return to Book Page. I don’t do it.

The stories were intended to be inspiring, but I didn’t feel all that inspired by them.