Iravatham Mahadevan is India’s most highly respected scholar of the un- deciphered ancient Indus script. Iravatham Mahadevan was an Indian epigraphist and civil servant, known for his successful decipherment of the Tamil-Brahmi script and. The scholar-epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan passed away at the age of 88 on November 26 in Chennai, having lived a life – or should one.

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Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute. Mahadevan had his schooling in the town of Tiruchirapalli and graduated in Chemistry from the Vivekananda College, Chennai and law from the Madras Law College.

Murukan in the Indus script Mahadevan became quite an explorer of the south Indian landscape in searching mauadevan the inscriptions. I met him only once, but because of these exchanges, I felt close enough to be able to discuss all kinds of things with him, from the career of D. The presence of the later Indo-Aryan speakers led to some degree of cultural and religious inter-connections that are apparent in the sources of the post-Harappan period.

But they were, significantly, the earliest written records in Tamil, dating to a couple of centuries before the Christian Era and continuing for a few centuries. We disagreed on lots of issues such as a supposed Aryan influx into India after the decline of the Indus civilisation, and whether there was a Dravidian language encoded in the Indus script, as he believed.

Iravatham Mahadevan – Wikipedia

Interpreting the Indus Script: Retrieved 4 July He was initially more inclined to read them as designations. And he did it long before I could pronounce archaeology, before I could put into words what my love of history meant.


This is an amazing place so little is known of the fantastic work being done here. Texts, Concordance and Tables is the only openly available corpus of the Indus Script.

He inspired without needing anything more than his work and the truth it spoke. Mahadevan first published his study of Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions at Pugalur in Kerala in following those of Mangulamthe next year. He realised that there was a need for an up-to-date concordance of all the symbols, so he spent some years preparing this. The type of work requires much dedication and commitment.

I also hoped, as I told him, that he would not misunderstand what I wrote. They will remain so for decades to come. Madhavan, had excelled in. In some ways he continued the earlier tradition of some of the administrator-scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries.

A bureaucrat who took early retirement to focus on his hobby in epigraphy, he wrote two magisterial books, “The Indus Script” and “Early Tamil Epigraphy”.

Journal of the American Oriental Society. After his retirement from administrative service, the study of epigraphy became a mission of his life. Vestiges of Indus Civilisation in Old Tamil Those symbols — written by my ancestors 4, years ago, and tabulated and presented by Iravatham Mahadevan five years before my birth — would give mahadevxn my biggest passion. Texts, Concordance and Tables.

A tribute to Iravatham Mahadevan, the man who first argued that Indus script was Tamil

When the Roja Muthiah Library was set iravtham, with a special Indus Research centre, Iravatham Mahadevan gave them all his papers and research on the Indus, thus allowing me — with an internet connection — to spend hours reading and understanding.


He saw himself, as he once put it, in a long tradition of such men in India. Thanking you and your staff. If Mick Aston was a mentor, so was Iravatham Mahadevan.

Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe. I was a masters student, pursuing a mix of archaeology and film production — a course specifically designed by British Archaeologist and Broadcaster Mick Aston to train professionals who could take archaeology out of the academic ivory tower to the communities and people to whom it mattered most.

And here was an officer writing the most enviable of books in a discipline that demanded profound methodological rigour! According to an interview given to an e-journal VaralaaruMahadevan revealed that he started researching the Tamil-Brahmi script following a casual suggestion by Indian historian K.

Mahaxevan Reading Room is available to scholars searching for information and also for printing. Sivaramamurti, then a curator at the National Museum in New Delhi.

Congratulations and every best wish for the future. The collection is truly precious, and I hope more people learn of your wonderful work. He tried to locate Dravidian elements in the signs and argued that several of these elements found their way into Vedic hymns. He lived to hear many people finally admit that he was right after all, that there was no more questioning the facts, his facts. Papers on the Indus Script by Dr. It required a few small adjustments which Mahadevan recognised and that he worked out and that enabled him to read them.