Get this from a library! BDI-II: inventario de depresión de Beck-II: manual. [Aaron T Beck; Robert A Steer; Gregory K Brown]. BDI-II. Inventario de Depresion de Beck. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paidos. Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. A. (). Internal consistencies of the original and revised. The first Spanish adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) was published in This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of its first.

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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Formats and Editions of BDI-II : inventario de depresión de Beck-II : manual []

The psychometric properties of the scale have been demonstrated to be adequate in multiple populations. Psychological Assessment, 15, Oblimin rotation was used to ease interpretability. Total scores did not have a statistically significant association with age. Although the three-factor model presents with the best fit of the three models, two alternative models are not completely inviable alternatives.

Adaptation of the BDI-II in Mexico

Open in a separate window. This result may be indicative of a characteristic of the measure.

Students had a mean score of 9. A limitation of this study is the use of convenience sampling.

Adaptation of the BDI-II in Mexico

Psychological Assessment, 10, One strength is that it provides important information for clinicians and researchers in Mexico who plan to use the BDI-II. The relevance of the results point out that this it is a population that may well require timely mental health care throughout their treatment. Method Samples The study consisted of two samples: Users should refer becck the original published version of the material for the full abstract.


The burden of illness for this significant population can be greater than that of other groups, even after controlling for variables niventario as socioeconomic status. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Symptoms may cluster together differently when disorders are present, or when the severity of symptoms is greater.

Multivariate data analysis 6th ed. Principies andpractice of structural equation modeling 2nd ed. Our scale’s total score had a stronger correlation with the HADS anxiety scale than with the depression scale. In addition to the BDI-II, participants in the student sample were given a demographic questionnaire, multidimensional coping styles questionnaire, a life stress checklist, and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale HADS as part of a separate study.

Student bfck were contacted as part of a larger psychological intervention study tailored for medical students. Factor analysis and scale revision. A number of factors, including language, acculturation, and SES, may influence whether individuals have more in common with individuals in their host culture, or culture of origin. Mallinckrodt B, Wang C. They were told that the study would involve questions about their mood over the past two weeks, including the current date.

Census Bureau heck 11, ]; Summary File 4.

Undergraduates and hemodialysis patients, and the Spanish translation used Spanish samples. This study has strengths and limitations worth mentioning. There were gender effects, with females having higher scores Quantitative methods for verifying semantic invehtario of translated research instruments: Comparative accuracy of four screening questionnaires and physicians’ diagnoses in Spanish population. This Spanish translation was back-translated to English by a separate bilingual psychologist.


Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep Por ejemplo, en el estudio de Sanz, Navarro et al. Also, in aiming to create a regionally appropriate adaptation, different Spanish translations of the BDI-II may not be comparable, limiting comparisons with other translations. This factor model is also supported in English-speaking samples, indicating that item responses reflect cognitive symptoms, performance difficulties, and somatic complaints. Estos resultados confirman la no existencia de diferencias relevantes en el grado de ajuste alcanzado por ambos modelos a los datos analizados.

Table 3 Fit Indices for Factor Models. Varieties of Spanish in the United States. Dentro de las alternativas propuestas destacan: These two studies specifically assessed reliability, factorial validity, and possible language effects with subsamples of bilingual individuals.

Propiedades psicométricas del Inventario de Depresión de Beck II en pacientes con cáncer.

Principles and practice of structural equation modeling 3rd edition. A beginner ‘s guide to structural equation modeling 2nd ed. Another explanation is that generalized anxiety symptoms group together with depression, which may reflect a common etiology.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. An Anglicized Spanish dialect. A inventafio care evaluation instrument crosses the linguistic barrier.

After multiple revisions and piloting, a tentative final version was administered to a student and community sample.