Integral Economics by Professor Ronnie Lessem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer. A Summary of: Lessem, R. & Schieffer, A. (). Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society. In this context, Ronnie Lessem’s and Alexander Schieffer’s Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society is a truly fascinating piece of.

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Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society. With Integral Economics, Lessem and Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable approach to economics, building on diverse economic approaches from the four corners of the globe through which they introduce the most evolved economic perspectives, in theory and in practice.

A powerful blueprint for the transformation of the existing mainstream economic model.

Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author of several books, India. The dominant model of economic thinking has become the biggest threat to the planet’s health and human well being and survival. After the wall street collapse it is time to look for a new paradigm.

Integral Economics : Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society

The models Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer have created show how innovation occurs when the ecological, societal, political and cultural spheres are working in balance.

The extraordinary research Lessem and Schieffer have done is delivering the theory to one of the most important socio-economical truths. It is a lighthouse for people from all walks of life.

Integral Economics lntegral just this alternative. After reading this book, its contention that economic systems must build on local strengths seems self-evident and logical; but this just goes to show the genius of its authors since before reading it, such a bold, just and sensible economic premise was beyond the realm of possibility. Do read it and be inspired! Ronnie Lessem integrall Alexander Schieffer have to be commended for probing into and significantly evolving this unexplored field of Integral Economics, which is an area dreaded by most in their profession to enter.


It is for this very reason, that I recommend this book to everyone participating in ihtegral necessary task of renewing economics from the inside out, in theory and practice.

Unlike several other efforts in this regard, Integral Economics not only critiques the hedonistic, greed based consumeristic model of development but also provides the reader with an alternative non-violent economic model through extensive and scholastic study of various sustainable grassroot movements across the globe. One must understand that Just Peace is created by the Just Relationship of an individual with others, with other cultures and with other creatures — the larger Whole of which all are a part and thus our economics, Integral Economics in the authors’ terms, should pivot around a moral, spiritual core and not around greed and power.

ecnoomics Why on earth is economics perceived to come in only one or at best two different a-cultural if not a-moral guises? There are real, and many, alternatives to the economic mainstream. The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us.

In Integral Economics, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable approach to economics, building on the richness of diverse economic approaches from all over the globe. They do so by introducing the most evolved economic perspectives and bringing them into ronnnie dialogue to produce an integral, dynamically balanced approach. They argue that neither individual enterprises nor wider society will be transformed for the better without a new economic perspective.


Given the richness of even mainstream economic theory reviewed in this book, let alone the variety of alternative approaches introduced, it is frustrating that policymakers and business practitioners are impoverished by a lack of apparent economic choice — between a seemingly failing capitalism and an already failed communism.

Integral Economics, as a result, is partly addressed to academics and students in those very schools, who have either realised the error of their ways, or, less dramatically, are curious to explore whether our businesses and communities could be run in a different way.

It will be welcomed by informed senior practitioners, eager to understand the current rethink of economic theory and practice and to discover how to position themselves, their organisations, and their society within a new framework.

Book Review: A New Economics of Cultural Cross-Fertilization – Integral Leadership Review

Practical achievements have been published in a widely acclaimed volume on Integral Green Slovenia. Furthermore, over the past years, three international conferences on an Integral Economy for Slovenia, Europe and the World have been taken place.

Vandana Shiva Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author of several books, India.