A microSD card with the OPC UA server / client with IBHsoftec firewall is available for the Siemens Gateway IOT (6ESAAYA2). By simply . There are many ways to connect the IBH S5/S7 OPC Server to S/ PLCs. The programming software supports the following connections to S/ With the IBH OPC Server you can link a HMI/SCADA or customer OPC Client application with a SimaticĀ® PLC S5, S,S, S, S or an.

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Electrical and electronic industry; general. Looking for specific product information? The configuration of the client functions will be made using a standard web browser. Manufacture of textiles; other.

Models, dies, jigs and fixtures.

IBH Link UA – The compact OPC UA server for S5- and S7-PLC – IBHsoftec GmbH

South and Central America. Mechanical engineering and plant engineering, general.

Data structures can be defined in a separate namespace and can be connected to any other OPC UA server via the client function.


Innovative supply solutions and lightweight construction Industrial Supply. Manufacture of clothing, except obh clothing. Services for the field of Research and Technology. Original formed parts casting, sintering.

Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.

Repair and installation of machinery and equipment. Measuring technology and testing technology for automation. Manufacture of metal products. Manufacture of other porcelain and ceramic products.

Manufacture of general jbh machinery. Electricity generation from wind energy.

Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. There is no need for other special software. Regular updates ensure that our exhibitor and product search engine continues to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. Price excluding VAT plus shipping. Sensors and metrology innovative technologies. United States of America. Manufacture of ceramic building materials. More infos on our WIKI site wiki. Measuring technology, sensors, open and closed loop technology.

Materials and process technology innovative technologies. Wholesale of household goods. Manufacture of other electrical equipment.

Between both levels there is a firewall integrated. Manufacture of refractory ceramic materials.


Sale of vehicles and related parts and accessories; maintenance and repair of vehicles. From simple data logging systems to complex SCADA systems historical data can be queried on standardized manner. Other European Country ex.


The attributes of the variables f. Microtechnology – smart systems. Electric switches, contactors and components. Controls, control systems and technology. Manufacture of machine tools. Electricity generation from renewable energy. Manufacture of pharmaceutical products. In order to give you a better service Deutsche Messe uses iibh.

Software also available as e-mail delivery. The configuration of the Ethernet ports can be made using a standard web browser. For example control systems and other equipment with OPC UA servers from different manufacturers can exchange data with each other. Assemblies and metal structures. Add to shopping basket. Get new technology first. On the supervision level only OPC access is allowed.