Equinox T, T and T (formerly Hypercom Optimum). Contents . If your terminal is set to manually settle, select Settle from the main menu and. Hypercom T Terminal Guide Hypercom T Terminal Guide. How to Batch verified. Merchant has option to manually deposit check. If this happens. Hypercom T PEDPack Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hypercom T PEDPack Quick Reference Manual, Quick Manual.

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Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Manuals

The Adjust Allowed option must be enabled in Term-Master. Function 90 Step-by-Step To change the current password: How do you use this guide? Enhanced Communication Messages Enable or disable additional information displayed during communication processes or a line type change. The merchant receipt finishes printing. Step-by-Step To redeem points from a loyalty card: Function 3 Terminal Reset, Function 3, resets the terminal and initiates the terminal self-diagnostic tests.

If correct press YES. Reprint [Reprint] Reprint a receipt for any transaction in the current batch. You must enter four digits. Step-by-Step To display transaction totals: The terminal requires merchant programming to dial the initialization and NMS hosts and to receive initialization and programming. Terminal-Initiated Transactions The terminal automatically generates reversal transactions if it does not receive a valid response.


Loyalty card receipts may be different for each host. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

The adjustment is complete. Terminal prompts to swipe a check through attached check reader or scanner. The review begins with the most current transaction.

You must, upon request, provide this information to your telephone company. An additional transaction, using a magnetic-striped loyalty card, is used for loyalty point management. Step-by-Step To enable or disable communication information display: Voided transactions do not accumulate in the terminal totals. Function 20,3 Use the Open Tab Report function to open tab reports. S1 indicates one shift. When it locates the invoice number in the current batch, the terminal enters Batch Review mode and displays the specified transaction.

The most common financial transactions appear on single keys, simplifying the user interface. The Merchant receipt completes printing. Batch Review [Review] Review each captured transaction in the current batch.


Hypercom T PEDPack Manuals

T7Plus Terminal Overview Financial transactions enable several types of terminal and transaction-related operations. The Idle display changes. If the total is correct, press YES. Step-by-Step Hypercok manually enter a card: The terminal prints the Merchant receipt.

This display appears on the terminal. Function 0 Test Transaction tests communications and application-level connection to the host. These functions allow you to access the server log.

Function 2 Batch Settlement [Settle] Reconcile terminal totals with host totals. Step-by-Step To perform a refund transaction: