99 X AUTOSUGGESTION AND THE CHILD.. IO4 XI CONCLUSION III I COUE’S NANCY PRACTICE CHAPTER I THE CLINIC OF EMILE COUfi THE clinic of. Read “How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion” by Emile Coue with Rakuten Kobo. This vintage book contains a detailed exposition of. Emile Coue. Page 2. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion By knowing how to practice it consciously it is possible in the first place to avoid.

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Auras, Chakras, and Energy Fields.

Self Mastery and How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion : Emile Coue :

In each case Coue stated that auto- suggestion should bring complete relief. In comparison with these, the powers of the con- scious mind seem almost insignificant. From a preoccupation with the conscious it has turned peactice the Unconscious or subconsciousto the vast area of mental activity which exists outside the circle of our awareness.

Obviously, such attempts are doomed to failure. Dying to Wake Up. Or e,ile mind may be concentrated on the scientific bearings of the case, so that he will involuntarily treat the patient as a specimen on which to pursue his researches. On her lap was a little boy of four years with a club foot.

He was, Tto think, the first Englishman to come to Nancy with the express purpose of studying my method of conscious autosuggestion. All sudden paroxysms, liable to take us unexpectedly, should be treated by the same method, which in Coue’s experi- coe has amply justified itself. The greater your faith the more radical and the more rapid will be your results; though if you have only sufficient faith to repeat the formula twenty times night and morning the results will soon give you in your own person the proof you desire, and facts and faith will suhgestion on mutually aug- menting each other.


I shall gain daily in self-confidence, shall believe in my own powers, which indeed at the same time will mani- fest themselves in greater strength.

The general formula supplies it with a fund of healing, strengthen- ing power, and leaves it to apply this at the points ajd the need is most urgent. We have regarded our feelings far too much as effects and not sufficiently as causes.

The Practice of Autosuggestion by C. Harry Brooks

They hesitated, but he insisted, telling them that they could run, that they ought to run, that they had but to believe in their own power, and their thought would be manifested in action. It will rapidly heal ; the tissues will regain their tone; the skin will be soft and healthy. In the same way people deliver their minds to harrowing stories of famine and pestilence, as if the mental depression thus produced were of some value to the far-away victims. An evil passion can be quelled by the use of the word denoting the contrary virtue.

In essentials all sug- gestion is Autosuggestion. It is quite conceivable that a person left free to determine the nature of his autosuggestions by the eemile of his conscious desire might use this power to realise a quality not in itself admirable, or even one which, judged by higher standards, appeared perni- cious.

Not with lost toil thou labourest through the night, Thou mak’st autosuggfstion heaven thou hop’st indeed thy home. The foot was getting better; the joints were more supple and bent with greater ease; the muscles were developing, the tendons were drawing the foot into the right shape and making it straight and strong.


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In each of the above cases the general state of health showed a great improvement. This is true ; but like love, it can be wooed and won.

The child itself, as soon as it is old enough to speak, is re- quired to say, morning and night, the general formula: Stop Smoking Now s. Thus the distinction between Autosuggestion and Heterosuggestion is seen to be both arbitrary and superficial. It is here that Coue’s directions for the practice differ considerably from those of Baudouin. Your sleep will be calm, peaceful and profound, untroubled by bad dreams or undesirable states of body. It was here that I visited him in the early summer ofand had the pleasure for the first time of wit- nessing one of his consultations.

Coue’s long practice has shown that we must leave the Unconscious, as senior partner in the con- cern, to bring about the right conditions in its own way. Your heart beats normally and the circulation of the blood takes place as it should. The more delicate the child’s health, the more likely it is to be subjected to adverse suggestions. Coue pointed out that the two main points of his theory were thus demonstrated simultaneously: I feel sure you are going to be sea-sick.

Progressive improvement kindled the man’s imagina- tion.

She had done this on her own.