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The aim of sampling parts of the ships’ hulls was to document construction details that could not be examined during the intensive field work.

However, in the main field of the Madsebakke carvings, there are 13 closely-spaced ship representations which are difficult to assign to the Bronze Age, at least on typological grounds.

The change in the shape of ships coincided with a number of basic changes in society around the year BC in north-western Europe, Denmark and in ccontext other southern and central parts of Scandinavia. Roskildesider. These representations are depicted in the typical Bronze-Age manner with a stabiliser aft, high, raised keel-extension forward, and a horse-head stem.

The distance between the holes is 37 cm, and the two treenails that sat in the holes have been preserved. The initial stability of the boat is very low but satisfactory for the vessel when loaded. For reasons that were not specified, he gave permission for the best preserved part to be sawn into two pieces.

Skuldelev 3 was probably of the type referred to as a byrding or skude. hjortspding

Hjortspring boat – Wikipedia

The investigation began with a presentation of the current state of historical research on merchant seafaring in Danish waters and in the western Baltic Sea between and Chapter 2. More contemporary to but just post-dating the Hjortspring find are Celtic weapon-sacrifice sites that represent depositional activity that began about BC.

At the extremities of the hull, the shipbuilders had no problem shaping the missing parts by inserting special frames. The grave also held the remains of a distinguished table service consisting of a gilt silver plate, one or perhaps two bronze dishes, at least two buckets and a little knife-set, decorated in gold and silver, in a hjortsprkng case. In fact, initially it has something of the synthesis feel of a coffee table book about it, making it accessible to the wider public, but it also includes individual, more rigorous discussions of various elements of the inter-disciplinary work involved.


The subject of this monograph is a weapon-offering from the fourth century BC found in Hjortspring Mose on the island of Als in southern Jutland and first published in by its excavator, Gustav Rosenberg.

These five pge-roman were all of a high standard of turning craftsmanship and the earliest representatives in Northern Europe of this technique in wood. On the boat part a-bthere are tool marks on both the outside and the inside, but they are clearest on the inside.

The Skuldelev Ships I. The kinematics of a paddler in action was recorded by marking points on the paddle and along the rail and record the movements over a full stroke on video from a tender. Around BC, the horse-head prow first appears and slightly later, a bird-figure on the backwards-bent gunwale extension also appears; the keel-extension curves markedly upwards forward, while there is still a dipping keel-skeg aft.

The different layers of the carvel-built ships, consisting of deck planks, inner planking, framing, outer planking in up to seven layers were uncovered, recorded and surveyed in sequence. For the trials ina crew of elite paddlers with competitive experience in dragon-boat racing these boats resemble the Hjortspring boat but are lighter was used. This means that the Haugvik find, which is dated to approxi- mately 1st or 2nd c.

Fifty of the shields have been re-assembled so that they could be measured, while 14 others have been identified from the excavation records. Finally, the evidence of pure sailing vessels can be listed together with the previously discussed indicators for specialised merchant seafaring and royal administration in Denmark from tobefore merchants from Hanseatic ports started to dominate large-scale trade.


It is very iron-aeg in itself: The first archaeological evidence for pure sailing vessels can be dated to the period following pge-roman consolidation of centralised royal power and the official conversion to Christianity in Denmark in the late 10th century.

An individual support in the bath was made for each piece of wood with the aid of lead bands and plates. At the same time there is a decrease in the number of settlements, which continues into the beginning of the Germanic Iron Age AD In the course of the 18th century the area was partly filled and a bridge and revetment was built over the wreck.

A panel of planks that were sewn together was also submitted to trials in order to determine sheer stress. Of cintext original 12 tons of wood acquired for the building process, 0.

A limited examination in confirmed that the bog had been thoroughly investigated, and only a few fragments of spear-shafts and of one of the frames of the boat were found and recovered for radiocarbon dating. In prehistory, the timber would have had to be hollowed iorn-age from the tree trunk and expanded to acquire the shape and dimensions required.

Hjortspring: a Pre-Roman Iron-Age Warship in Context

Perhaps this was to make it easier to send to Trond- heim. The consolidation of royal power and administration at the end of the Viking Age is represented by the specific taxation of urban property and by the enforcement of a monetary standard igon-age on the face value of coins.

The final result was a homogeneous set of inked drawings, representing contours, cross-sections irn-age features observed on the different planks and frames.

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