The strange looking Jaguarundi (Herpailurus or Puma yagouaroundi) ranges across Mexico, Central and South America and is now. PDF | On Jun 1, , Tadeu G. de Oliveira and others published Herpailurus yagouaroundi. PDF | On Jan 1, , Arturo Caso and others published Herpailurus yagouaroundi: IUCN Red List Assessment.

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However, jaguarundis avoid direct competition with margays and ocelots through their diurnal and terrestrial behavior.

Herpailurus yagouaroundi [1] Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire Herpailurus yaguaroundi “, ; de Oliveira, ; Denis, ; Guggisberg, ; Hulley, ; Leopold, ; Nowak, The estrous cycle lasts about 54 days, with the female showing signs of estrus for approximately three days.

Molina’s hog-nosed skunk C.

Jaguarundis are terrestrial but are also good climbers and swimmers. The major threats to jaguarundis are loss of suitable habitat and prey. Found in coastal areas between 30 and 40 degrees latitude, in areas with a Mediterranean climate. Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Herpailurus yaguaroundi “, ; de Oliveira, ; Denis, ; Emmons, ; Guggisberg, ; Hershkovitz, ; Leopold, ; Nowak, Malabar large-spotted civet V.

Herpailurus yaguaroundi “, ; de Oliveira, ; Denis, ; Guggisberg, ; Hulley, ; Leopold, ; Nowak, Vegetation is dominated by stands of dense, spiny shrubs with tough hard or waxy evergreen leaves. Hose’s palm civet D. They hope to determine whether inbreeding is affecting the populations, what diseases might be present in the populations, as well as the effects that pesticide runoff is having. She also provides protection and will move the den when disturbed. After a gestation period of 70 to 75 days, the female gives birth to a litter of one to four kittens in a den constructed in a dense thicket, hollow tree, or similar cover.


They have also been observed to kill larger prey, such as rabbitsand opossums ; relatively unusual prey include fish and even marmosets. The home ranges of jaguarundis vary greatly between populations. African striped weasel P.

Jaguarundis have also been reported in the coastal area of Alabama since the s, which may be evidence of the Florida population migrating northward. ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. Glossary Nearctic living in the Nearctic biogeographic province, the northern part of the New World.

Like other cats, they scent mark their territory by scratching the ground or nearby branches, head-rubbing, urination, and leaving their faeces uncovered. Herpailurus yaguaroundi “, ; Bisbal, ; Mares, et al. Little is known about the mating system of jaguarundis.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

We do not consider sexual differences i. Grzimek’s Animal Nerpailurus EncyclopediaVol. Tactile communication occurs between a mother and her offspring, as well as between mates males bite the necks of females during copulation.

Sulawesi palm civet M. Kittens are sometimes spotted at birth but lose their markings before adulthood. While both species yagaurondi been traditionally placed in the genus Pumathe jaguarundi is now sometimes classified under the genus Herpailurus[1] and until recently both cats were classified under the genus Felis. The head and body length may range from to mm.

Central African oyan P. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts. Jaguarundis also compete for resources with other carnivores including margaysocelotscoyotesfoxesbobcatsand mountain lions.


Like many other cats, they also include herpaiurus small amount of vegetation and arthropods in their diets.


She also urinates to leave chemical signals that she is in heat. She brings them bits of food when they are between 21 and 30 days old. Australian sea lion N.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Besides animal matter, jaguarundis stomach contents often contain a small amount of plant material and arthropods.

They live up to an elevation of at least m. Behaviors such as flehmen, hind feet scraping, and neck rubbing have also been observed in captive jaguarundis. Female jaguarundis reach sexual maturity at about herpailuruw to three years of age. The herpailuruss subsequently diverged in that order.

African clawless otter A. Wikispecies has information related to Puma yagouaroundi. It is not known what the lifespan of H. Here, the species is assumed to have been introducedbut it is not known when the introduction occurred.

Guide to the Mammals of Salta Province, Argentina. The species that most resembles jaguarundis is Prionailurus planicepscommonly referred to as flat-headed cats. Populations inhabiting tropical rainforests are herpajlurus darker and populations inhabiting dryer habitats are often paler than other populations. South American ground lizardsrainbow whiptailsand green iguanas.

African palm civet N.