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Strong eddy currents can also occur in metal covers; these currents vanish when the covers are removed. Get to Know Us. With the k helmuty used in this guitar there is no more resonance because of very strong eddy currents in the metal parts. His excellent book on guitar electronics is available in German and English.

The Secrets of Electric Guitar Pickups

When the strings are moving, an AC voltage is induced in the coil. The arrangement of lemmw magnets is different for different pickups. Good history books tell you not only what happened and when, but fundamentally why.

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Electric Guitar: Sounds Secrets and Technology – Helmuth Lemme – Google Books

A real coil can be described electrically as an ideal inductance L in series with an Ohmic resistance R, and parallel to both a winding capacitance C. The influence of eddy currents As mentioned earlier, this overview has been simplified to make it easier to understand.

And good science books tell you not only lwmme happens, but more importantly, how. An electric bass or guitar’s sound depends greatly on its pickups.

Pickup Measuring Techniques – Planet Z

Position and height of the peak vary from type to type. So you can measure the frequency response easily To plot the helmuuth, vary the sine wave frequency from about Hz to 10 kHz and measure the pickup’s output voltage with a broad-band multimeter or oscilloscope.


Basically, there are three different ways to change a guitar’s sound as it relates to pickups:. A vibrating string induces an alternating voltage at the frequency of vibration, where lekme voltage is proportional to the velocity of the strings motion not its amplitude.

The author discusses methods of characterizing the quality of pickups- from the useful inductance to the not so useful DC resistance.

A very handy addition to my library but not the definitive guide I wanted. The book ends up with a look into the passion of lenme collecting. Furthermore, it is possible to analyze any modifications on a pickup, such as removing the metal cover or exchanging the magnets for others, or technical defects like short-circuit windings inside the coil.

This replacement circuit can be used as a first approximation. What you find in those books is an obsolete “geocentric” view on pickups that hepmuth never work. The external load conditions can be varied over a wide range: The sound material a pickup receives from the strings is not flavoured by the pickup alone but by the complete system.

A pickup does not “have” a sound, it only has a “transfer characteristic”. A high peak produces a pemme, characteristic sound; a low peak produces a weaker sound, especially with solid body guitars that have no acoustic body resonance. How Resonance Affects Sound The resonant frequency of most available pickups in combination with normal helmuty cables lies between 2, and 5, Hz. An alternative to moving the string is to subject the pickup to an outside magnetic field, generated by a transmitting coil.

Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme 9781907920134

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. But with too short a distance, the magnets pull the strings, and harmonics are shifted so that they are no longer exact multiples of the fundamental frequency, but a little higher or lower.

Therefore, one way to change the sound is to replace the standard tone control potentiometer with a rotary switch that connects different capacitors across the pickup a recommended range is pF to 10 nF. Replacement pickups allow the guitarist to change sounds without buying another instrument within the limitations of body and strings, of course.


With single coil pickups, the axes must be in line with each other; with humbucking pickups, the axis of the transmitting coil must be perpendicular to the axes of the pickup’s coils Fig. With the strings at rest, the magnetic flux through the coil s is constant. Rotary switch with a selection of different capacitors, embedded in epoxy resin. In fact, the frequency response can be smooth and simple enough to be easily described with a mathematical formula.

This arrangement of passive components forms a so-called second-order low-pass filter Fig. Don’t get scared by the somewhat pricey tag.

There are so many pickups le,me the market that it is difficult to get a comprehensive overview. With this, you can easily see what a pickup does with the sound material it gets from strings and body.

The examination explores deep within the guitar, including pickups and electrical environment, so that hslmuth electronics are no longer considered highly secret. Electrically, though, pickups are fairly easy to understand – so this article will examine the connection between electrical characteristics and sound.

The only way to reduce it is to adjust the pickup to be further away from the strings. However that is a massive let down that is not just isolated to this book as virtually every book on this subject assumes everyone knows what all those squiggles mean! Yet again another black and white book that should be in colour and have high quality diagrams and photos which it doesn’t.