Robert Gordon Wasson (September 22, – December 23, ) was an American author, . Wasson, R. Gordon. Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality. Soma, Divine Mushroom of Immortality In , Gordon Wasson put forth the concept that this mushroom was the “plant” that was referred to as Soma, in his. Compre o livro Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality, na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e por Robert Gordon Wasson (Autor).

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Psychedelics are also known as entheogens, which means “generating divine from within”.

There is little reason to think that the Tree of Knowledge represented the hallucinogenic mushroom. The author notes the practice of the shamans of drinking the urine of an individual who had consumed the hallucinogenic mushroom.

R. Gordon Wasson

Maybe that is saying something. In particular, he notes the Christian revulsion for the mushroom eaters, as can be seen in the writings of Saint Augustine who originally was involved in Manichaeanism. Wasson, who wrote extensively on the role of hallucinogenic mushrooms, developed a fascination with the mushroom when he and his wife Gordoon Pavlovna, a Russian pediatrician, came upon some wild mushrooms and noticed their entirely different response to the mushrooms.

In his memoir, author Tom Robbins talks about civine impact of this article on “turning on” Americans himself included. Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item.

It is an important contribution to our understanding of primitive religion and the role that hallucinogenic substances play in the development wsson that belief. Michael Rinella rated it really liked it Jul 03, Several of his books were self-published in illustrated, limited editions that have never been reprinted. They say it is poisonous, and hallucinogenic. Hofmann and Wasson were also among the first Westerners to collect civine of the Mazatec hallucinogen Salvia divinorumthough these specimens were later deemed not suitable for rigorous scientific study or taxonomic classification.


Sabina later regretted having introduced Wasson to the practice, but Wasson contended that his only intention was to divibe to the sum of human knowledge. The book is divided into three parts, “Soma: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

R. Gordon Wasson – Wikipedia

In fact, this is something humans and the field of consciousness must have access to as it is, like Disney films and things that have been produced since the dawn of time. Mary Storm rated it really liked it Jan 01, Entheogens and the Development of Culture Berkeley: Gordoh with This Book.

May 06, Tony duncan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: These effects can include visuals, which would be “waves of colors” or “streams of psychedelic imagery”, wavy vibrational patterns, characters people, robots, animal beings; etc, perhaps possibly anythingmanifestations of geometric shapes, sometimes spinning or rotating, and the whole thing.

They say love is immortaoity key.

Tay rated it it was amazing Jul 13, The effects are mildly similar to those caused by LSD or DMT, and can be enhanced with cannabis use during the course of the inebriation or experience usually smoked, taking it in edible form can utilize a different vibe as the effects generally aren’t instant; etc, if you are going for that. Divine Mushroom of Immortality. In MayLife magazine published an article titled ” Seeking the Magic Mushroom “, which introduced psychoactive mushrooms to a wide audience for the first time.


Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality, – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

Apparently the dosage in the mushrooms vary of active ingredients ibotenic acid – considered neurotoxic so the sample must be heated to “decarboxylate” it into muscimol, which is ibotenic acid without the COOH on itthere being no current way to gauge potency.

Chazz rated it really liked it May 17, Fale com a Editora! The mushrooms can be considered gifts. I think it was usually consumed form a bowl and very rarely shown on webcams.

Ummortality plant Salvia is also in that category generally, as some states have recently banned it these past few recent years, similar to what was happening with “kratom”, which is known for being able to mediate or mitigate addictive characteristics or physiological symptoms.

If the caps are potent, they will come out as an oily, smelly cap.

Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality

The author traces the evidence and attempts to show that indeed the soma mentioned in the Rg Veda that was later mysteriously lost was the fly agaric Soja muscaria. Somehow the drug is not as effective unless it has been processed by the kidneys Ok so who figured this out. Some say it causes intense and vivid dreams, and of course, that drinking your urine after the body processes it gets you higher since it is excreted straight through.