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Giordano Bruno y la tradición hermética – Frances Amelia Yates – Google Books

Incisioni e libri dei S. By placing him in this context Bruno is at last placed among the movements of his century. Streghe, diavoli e morte. Brun has been criticised in more recent scholarship for trying to force Bruno into a ‘grand narrative’ of renaissance magical philosophy, and this is also the impression I sometimes got while reading the parts about Bruno.

Bossy, “Early Modern Magic”, History, 57,jermetica Witchcraft in Early Modern England, Philadelphia, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Milton London, There were theological and humanistic objections to Renaissance magic. Creagh New York, ; orig. From Ficino and Mirandola to Agrippa to Bruno, Fludd, and even Shakespeare, she illuminates elements of these figures’ thought that was unheard of at the time of writing and is still often neglected.


Bostridge, Witchcraft and its Transformations, c. Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, Cambridge, Clark, “The Rational Witchfinder: Bostridge, “Music, Reason, and Politeness: The Witch in Society and History Oxford, Analizza e ricostruisce il pensiero filosofico del Bruno, simbolo del nostro pensiero libero, riconducendolo alla tradizione magica ci restituisce la splendida figura ed ermetica rinascimentale, al tal punto frainteso da metterlo al rogo.

Very interesting book and topic. View all 4 comments. Un frammento di storia della controriforma Rome, Bunn, A Trial of Witches: Howland New York,3 vols. Good but datedwhere I started after our Moon landing and after 15pp of B’s Latin poem on the Innumerable Worlds pp.

For instance, Bruno’s involvement with Copernicus occurred because he needed more accurate astronomical calculations for his astrological work. But, despite tradiicion outdating of her facts one of the most important things she contributed was the notion of a 2 stage scientific revolution.

Pohl, Zauberglaube und Hexenangst im Kurfuerstentum Mainz: Jahrhundert Stuttgart, ; orig.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Johann Weyer, De praestigiis daemonum, ed.

Biblioteca Esoterica

Romano, Laura Malipiero, strega: Centres and Peripheries Oxford, The compass measures divine powers. To develop this point, Yates traces the flood of Hermes ideas and influence through some key figures in the early to late hremetica Pico de Mirandolla, Cornelius Agrippa and up through the life of Bruno and his contemporaries.

Chonrad Stoeckhlin and the Phantoms of the Night, trans. Kieckhefer, European Witch Trials: De Martino, Il Mondo magico: