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The connection is set up and the subscriber answers. If no parking number is entered, press OK to activate parking. For example, calls on your private number should only ring at your handset after 3 rings on the base station telephone the base station telephone rings from the first ringing sig- nalwhile calls on the business number should ring imme- diately.

Page 90 – Setting giyaset a connection Page 91 – Registering the Comfort handset Page 92 – Starting the registration procedure for This menu item is highlighted if call restrictions are activa- ted.

Locking The Telephone Gigaset is designed for operation in your country as indicated on the un- derside of the unit. Press the key repeatedly until the letter you want appears on the display.

The phone is in standby.


Your phone is therefore protected gigxset unauthorised users. Got it, continue to print. Entering A Provider Isdn Glossary Because the caller has no influence over this final destination e. The maximum parking time in the exchange is three min- utes.


There are two setting options. As well as Gigaset handsets, you can use handsets from the Gigaset and se- ries. Page of Go. Quick Start Guide – Remote Operation Prepare your base station telephone for registration as described be- fore. During An Internal Call 3053 Options During Playback Your Phone Thinks Ahead Siemens AG shall, at its own discretion, fulfil the warranty conditions either through repair or replacement of the defecti- ve device.

Siemens Gigaset Manuals

Notes Gigaest Using Handsets To change the setting: Any previously set calculations are de- leted. Page 27 – Early call pickup Page 28 – Redial Page 29 – Automatic redial Page 30 – Options available during a call Page 31 – Recording calls Page 32 – Telephoning with multiple subscribers Page 33 – Enquiry call from an internal call to an Mute Enhanced phone feature that deactivates the integrated gitaset in the handset or hands-free equipment.

The registration display ap- pears. The data on the telephone bill may differ from the base station telephone displays for technical rea- sons. Starting A Menu Item Setting The Ringer Melody Base station telephone and plug-in power supply unit Handset and coiled handset cord Labelling card see last page Index cover Phone cable Operating instructions for the base station telephone and for using the handsets on the base station telephone Belegung Der Telefonbuchse Only use the plug-in power supply unit provided, as indicated on the underside of your base station telephone.


Siemens Gigaset 3035 Operating Instructions Manual

Setting The Handset Volume Call number Select the required call number and open the supplemen- tary menu. Press the AM key.

Indirect pickup means that you decide whether you wish to answer the call or to call someone else. Open the System menu.

Siemens Gigaset 3035isdn Operating Instructions Manual

Options Available During Gugaset Call Setting A Reminder Hotline In the event of a malfunction, please contact the dealer. Enter the base PIN factory setting and confirm. Table Of Contents Because the caller has no influence over this final destination e.

The following settings must be made when you register a repeater at the base station telephone. They guarantee that the base station telephone and repeater work togeth- er for optimum performance.

Notes On Installation