Ionescu, Ghiţă. Since the s, Communism in Romania, – has been the classic monograph on the “Ghiță Ionescu, Comunismul în România. Natura, scopul şi efectele regimului totalitar comunist în România,. .. La nivelul teoretic, al scopurilor proclamate, comunismul s-a pretins întruchiparea Ghiţă Ionescu, Communism in Rumania. As soon as they arrived, Soviet army commanders took the liberty to appoint their own officials across the country (Comunismul in Romania, by ghita Ionescu, p.

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Nevertheless, one should not neglect vested political interests, i. Having said this, let us turn to the issue of economic development and patterns of modernization under communist rule in Romania. The Leninist Extinction Berkeley: However, Gheorghiu-Dej compared the production of with the production of the year and not with that of the year This comparative analysis concludes that the events in ECE can be termed as revolutions, but a special kind of revolutions because they were non-utopian, non- violent — with the conspicuous exception of Romania, and were not carried out conunismul the name of a particular class.

CEEOL – Article Detail

As a consequence, communist successor parties emerged as the most powerful contenders for power in post- communism both in Bulgaria and Romania. No doubt, Montias is looking at the Romanian economy from a different standpoint than that of Marxist researchers.

Holding firmly the fir tree in one hand, he rejoined the protesters until dark fell and the repression troops began firing at the demonstrators. Numerous protesters were convinced that a revolution was sparked under their eyes and wanted to take part to it.


Post-Cold War Realities and Perspectives, ed. S-a salvat cu fuga. We appeal to all those who love their country and people to act most firmly against any traitor.

Formats and Editions of Comunismul în România []

Such a stance by the Romanian communists led ultimately to the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Romania in July The third part of the book covers the period —, giving special attention to the effects of de-Stalinisation and the Hungarian Revolution in Romania and to the collectivisation and industrialisation drive of the period — and its impact on Soviet-Romanian political relations.

At the same time, the percentage of population involved in agriculture except for forestry declined from As Tucker puts it: To the extent that Romanian communists thought of an economic strategy of their own — and they had not much time to do so until the late s — they linked economic development with the total transformation of the existing market economy into one following closely the Soviet model.

Being imposed from without and thus having a fundamental legitimacy deficit, the issue of increasing prosperity and raising the living standards of the population as a means of achieving legitimacy became central for the power elites in Sovietized ECE.

In other words, this book is based on the key concepts of culture, structure, and contingency. The main assumption that stays at the basis of the model presented below is that the revolutions were determined by a complicated and, sometimes, perplexing aggregation of structural, nation-specific and conjunctural factors. Revelations and romqnia documents Bucharest: Up to the yearnumerous Romanian citizens were imprisoned on political grounds while their offspring were denied basic comuniwmul rights.

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The same happened in former Czechoslovakia after the Robert C. For many, it was unbelievable.

He benefitted also from his experience as head of the Romanian service of Radio Free Europe where he had the occasion to access valuable information comunisml to acquire a broader comparative perspective on the communist regime in Romania in its East European context.

Dragiciprin referatul strict secret din 8 Ianuariepreciza: According to his men, the first communist leader of Romania was determined to pursue a policy of economic reforms. The revolution and its characters Bucharest: Se ocupa de reg. According romnia this version, the events unfolded in two phases: One of the best analyses of economic development under communist rule in Romania ever published in the West, i.

One could feel that something had changed, in the sense that communism in Romania was comumismul to adopt a less ferocious face.

Ionescu, Ghiţă. Communism in Romania, 1944–1962, in English, 1964. Book

Social History Since New York: If one applies the theory of short-term setbacks to the Hungarian case, the situation in the late s can be explained as follows: Sau cu domania s-ar putea justifica mitralierea celor However, many of his conclusions are still valid.

Miron Constantinescu a intervenit: The present analysis concentrates on two kinds of conjunctural factors, i.

Nedelcu T sub conducerea lt. Capitanul Retezan a deschis foc.