The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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While their well-beloved and trusty poachers supplied the house with game, they levied illegal taxes on the small farms in the neighbourhood. The dilapidated turrets would not catch your eye until you were about a hundred yards from the principal portcullis.

Mauprat by George Sand – Free Ebook

Still, overall, it’s a charming, well-written, thought-provoking, interesting and very readable novel. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Oct 20, Shari rated grorge liked it Shelves: He turned towards me, and I saw two big tears trickling down the cheeks of the impassive hidalgo.

People would impose on them every day and use their money for bad ends; whereas proud and hard-working day-labourers might be in a state of real distress without any one being able to discover the fact.

The chevalier was asleep and did sznd wake. Jan 12, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m not enjoying this book very much. Sign In or Create an Account.

I aand George Sand — used to teach her grorge university. And I took frustrated issue with the scene which triggers the final, culminatory phase of the novel. You could not be signed in. Email Print Facebook Reddit Twitter. I told her, then, not to judge of the strength and health of peasants by myself, but to go in person and inquire into their illnesses and their wants. Would she read like Jane Austen? The approach to this was no longer a rough little path, but a handsome walk, on either side of which splendid vegetables stretched out in regular rows, like an army in marching order.


I put it on my kindle because I had seen references to George Sand in other books I have recently read. I embraced him heartily; he was surprised and touched at my joy.

While the story is a good one, compared to “Beauty and the Beast,” it takes to0 long to tell it. Perhaps more than in any other of her works, Sand created a wide potpourri of some negative, but mostly positive male charact Mauprat takes its title from the surname of an extensive family that lives in the French countryside. But actually she’s probably right, she probably shouldn’t have married him prior to his years of hardship, which made him less of a dick, even if he was a stone cold fox.

Mauprat by George Sand

But, just as I was about to throw it open, I was seized with a new fear and checked myself; then I opened it so timidly that Edmee, who was occupied at some embroidery on a frame, did not raise her eyes, thinking that in this slight noise she recognised the respectful Saint—Jean. Though Bernard’s “love spewing” at times grew a little repetitive and unnecessary, the characters of Patience and Marcasse added much to the enjoyment of the novel.

And one need not the best teacher to learn. We induced several old persons who were in a similar position to combine and live together under the same roof. As for the elder branch, it had turned out so badly, or rather had preserved from the old feudal days such terrible habits of brigandage, that it had won for itself the distinctive title of Hamstringer.

Mauprat, by George Sand : I

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It was a sudden realization of all the horrors which my mother gforge foreshadowed when speaking of her execrable father-in-law and his brigands of sons. Thus we obtained for her a pension, to which we added when it was not sufficient. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There is some one who will be much surprised and much delighted, you may take my word.


I mauptat the free version available through Project Geoorgetranslated by Stanley Young. Remember also, at the time this novel was written, the novel itself was only just coming into being, and so it was often a sahd of all the genres previously available — the adventure tale, the fairy story, the melodrama.

A really interesting read. The main theme is if and how a member from the bad side of the family can change sufficiently to be accepted by the good side. This is what comes of being too kind! They will probably sink in some, anyway. All I can tell you is that the place has never been so attractive as it is now.

Besides, the blood flowed swiftly in her veins, and when her mind was not absorbed in intellectual work she needed exercise in the open air.

However, I am but indifferently endowed with artistic feeling, and had I been a painter, I could not have created more than a egorge type, that which filled my whole soul; for in the course of my long life only one woman has seemed to me really beautiful; and that woman was Edmee. Jul 12, Cynthia Hart added it.