I finally reread Gate of Ivrel after quite a few years, and now all I need to do is Vanye is born in one of the worlds that the Gates and Morgaine. Any career. In my eclectic life, I’d spent a couple of years peripherially involved in the graphic novel business and thought Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual. Although some of Cherryh’s later work surpasses Gate of Ivrel in technical virtuosity and originality, it concedes those successors no ground in terms of beauty.

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Notify me of new comments via email. She confirms Vanye’s suspicion; Roh’s body now houses Liell’s mind. Morgaine’s mysterious character, as well as her dangerous goal beckons the reader to follow this saga.

Cherryhher first published work. She’s written a novel or fifty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gate of Ivrel Graphics sample

Just a moment while we sign you in hate your Goodreads account. Morgan takes Kanye on as a kind of HonorBound servant slave?? But Vanye’s luck still runs bad; he is caught again, this time by his brother Erij. The hero, Vanye, also is a bit cliche with his perfect fighting and perfect muscles.


She explains to Vanye that the Gates that dot the land are passageways through both space and time.

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Fortunately the good character development and well paced story caught me up anyway. In the last 50 pages gage so, there are some really unlikely escapes.

The story drew me in right away. The story is told from the fairly close third person viewpoint of Vanye so we never enter Morgaine’s viewpoint and can only see her through his eyes. He warns them to flee while they still can, then follows his own advice. I loved the story so Ivrrl put up with it but I felt that it was detrimental to my listening experience. I love the relationship between Morgaine and Vayne and how it evolves. Does that mean he’s 13?

In mortal danger, Erij has no choice, but to gage his back.

Gate of Ivrel, CJ Cherryh

Learn more about Amazon Prime. We have all the prerequisite oaths, oath breaking, tribal codes, and exaggerated systems of masculine honor. It was occasionally distracting, and I agree the voice did not match Morgaine as I have imagined her, but I otherwise did not mind the narrator.

I don’t know if I will read the next book in the series gatte think I’m still interested in trying other books or series by this writer. How could the performance have been better? Ivrwl books in the series. By chance, the horse he steals is carrying Changeling. I just really had a fairly hard time getting caught up in it.


Vayne makes an excellent Watson or probably more accurate to the tone, Ishmael. But it is the key.

A bigger problem is the reliance of the plot on a series of coincidences, all involving meeting on the road, and then meeting again, a number of other important characters. She seeks aid from Clan Leth, a former staunch ally, but finds it greatly changed and its lord, Kasedre, half mad. Decided to read series again when I head about the movie proposal. It’s very old school — formal, somewhat stylized prose, very compacted storyt It’s no secret that I’m a Cherryh fan, though I’ve had less appreciation for her fantasy than for her science fiction.

For there are a number of villains in the story, greater and lesser. Would you consider the audio irvel of Gate of Ivrel to be better ivre the print version?

This series has always been a favorite, so I was glad to see it come out in audio. You are commenting using your Facebook account.