FORM 1351-2 PDF

The DD Form is used by the Department of Defense for government employees to determine the travel costs related to work and if these travel costs will. Completing the Travel Voucher. DD FORM Travel Voucher. Page 2. ➢ Block 1 (Payment). ➢EFT MANDATORY. ➢IF YOU WANT SPLIT DISBURSEMENT. You should have a similar reaction when a T-ENTERED voucher comes to you for approval in DTS, but there is no DD Form electronically attached to it.

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Do not answer n00b questions on the main boards. Keep rotating until you reach the desired fit. PDF files can contain not only images and text, but also interactive buttons, hyperlinks and embedded fonts.

After you complete your edits, click on the Print button. Just use our amazing app SignSimpli to do directly from your phone for free. Boxes 13 and 14 require you to further indicate your dependent’s address as well as whether any household goods shipments are included in your travel expense. If you want to save this version, just hit save and go back fofm the official landing page.

Post the description along with your obscure MOS code. How does it work? This will ensure that your documents can be submitted without delay, on the right day.

The file will be automatically converted and you can download from you account screen. Free-to-use online PDF editors, such as PDFSimpli, that make it really easy to fill out forms, like ones you sometimes see on a job application or a tax form. Moderators are the final word in whether a post will be removed or not.


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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. While it was fogm by the Army, it contains useful information for PCSing service members for every branch of the military. Our software makes quick work of file conversion from your PDF. In researching the advance DLA situation, I stumbled across a couple of useful and interesting documents to help you fill out a complete and accurate travel claim when you have a Permanent Change of Station PCS move.

Just click the rotate button and your document will rate 90 degrees to the right. This is exactly what I was looked for! From NDA contracts to Government forms you can save time and money using our free online product.

DD Form , Travel Voucher –

Add dates where necessary. This voucher must be filled out in order for reimbursement for travel expenses paid out of the pocket of the military member.

My Profile News Home Page. Moderators reserve the right to change flair at will. Our fillable documents allow you to add all sorts of information directly onto the PDF.

When I exited, I was asked to sent it in NLT days, and 90 days if the submission crossed a fiscal year. If you need to start from scratch, just hit the reset button. Submit a new text post. Enjoy a free sample on signing up.


Are you from the go? This includes questions about duty stations, MOSs, boots, or what to take to the field. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

After completing the form, torm must attach receipts for certain expenses that you are claiming reimbursement. This will automatically add the watermark to your document for security. The purpose of flair is so we know you have a background in a particular subject matter.

Just click on the sign button and you have three options.

DD Form – ! – navygirl Form – Fillable Pdf Template – ✓ Download Here!

You must then certify the form in box 20 and have any supervising official sign box Can I Do That? We are all on the same side. Duty Station Thread Forrm For all your duty station needs. You will need to 13511-2 your name, grade, social security number, contact information as well as the type of payment made for your travel expenses.

Contents 1 What is a Dd Form 2? If you used a Government Travel Charge Card, you must indicate the split payment that will be made to the card contractor. Is there a deadline to submit a travel voucher? I’m in Houston and I lost a lot of my belongings in the flood. This may take a second or two.