The New F V3 Does It All. And Looks Darn Good Doing It.” cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may. F Depron 6mm By Paul K. RC F Stealth Fighter with PDF PLANS A Scratch Built Park Jet – Duration: 8: Depron Stealth F Night Hawk Foamie.

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Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. Recommended for hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foamboard building skills. I haven’t built a F yet.

Blog – rcFoamFighters

I love the look of it- the build seems simple enough and smart. The RC plane features a simple flat wing but with a unique diamond shape. I used the mjv3 with the v2 and was happy. DavePowersJun 21, If I decide to stick with the 4s packs I will probably use something like a 7×7 or 7×8 prop.

Are they ‘toed out’? Yeah learn the flight characteristics on the V1 then fly the V2.

All-terrain designs like RCPowers? This plane is a scaled up version of the FF-Novajet. It is based on the above formula.


F v3 badly damaged. Where do you get plans for your planes? Grayson Hobby Super Mega Jet. Turnigy motor must be modified!!!!

The side arm toss does feel a little weird in the beginning but once you get used to it, it is really easy. Grayson Hobby Monster Jet. This plane is not recommended for beginner flyers. I think I will mount some light wheels, maybe I manage to take-off from the ground. Free to download, just click on the link!

Quick question regarding the vertical stabilizers.

Mad Thrust 50mm ESC: However, I would recommend cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may see in pics, I reinforced with 3m extreme tape.

This plane really looks great on the ground or flying by in the sky! Haha, Dan, I think I’m still dehydrated! I may put this build on hold for a bit until I get the ESC and battery thing worked out DavePowersJul 16, Frank Petty July Description: RCPowersJun 10, FF Plan Design By: Looking for your store account? I had to break up the main fuselage to get it to fit on the smaller sheets.


RCPowers F-117 V2

Hope to be able to cut tomorrow or Thursday There are many double 45 degree bevel cuts required to produce the multi-faceted fuselage. I like your other designs as well.

Anyone familiar with the fuselage flex on the v2? F V3 With special certification! New Flight Videos Coming as Soon as weather permits.

F-117 V3: The “Best Looking”

Anyhow if I get to fly the v1 F, maybe I will build v2, simply because its larger, and what is larger, is always betteranybody agrees with me on this?! Pictures 13,14, 15 I think? Maiden tomorrow, then paint. I’m surprised by the flight video that the extra weight of Elmers foamboard that it doesn’t really doesn’t effect it any.

Can I get the F plans? Yes the instruction is a little diffrent to the Buildplan. If work permits I hope to have one together for my clubs fly-in this weekend.