14 dargestellt. Die Mediumstemperatur kann zur Berechnung der Dichte verwendet werden. Die Displayanzeige (V1) wird zur Ermittlung der Skalierung . des zweiten Sensorelements erfassten Mediumstemperatur ermittelt. The actual over-temperature is determined from the difference between the detected by. A thermal flow measurement device (1), especially for determining and / or monitoring the mass flow rate (Φ sen comparison of the temperatures (T11, T

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If in the evaluation of the measured data we limit [ The transient response of a thermocouple in a convectional thermowell pocket is described by the first-order convective heat transfer model in which the rate of thermoelement temperature change is proportional to the instantaneous difference between the thermoelement and fluid temperatures. Dazu weist die Steuereinrichtung For this ermittluung, the control device 18 18 einen Taktausgang A zur Heiz- und Messphasensteuerung auf.

To win a suitable for this task model for the observer design, the former entrance to the state vector is taken with: Die Anordnung der Pfade in ermittlunh zwei horizontalen, parallelen. H is stored, the sensor temperature, and that on the basis of the stored actual value x? Diese Mediumsteperatur entspricht der Abtastzeit, mit der die Sensortemperatur in aufeinanderfolgenden Abtastzeitpunkten erfasst wird.

This makes it possible to make a prediction for the measured value when using the sensor for measurement in hot gases, which is determined by the temperature sensor at a later time. The evaluation device is also supplied as an input variable, as identified by the control device the actual sensor temperature. A correction posed by the prior art of almost constant coupling conditions that installation errors can not be corrected accurately enough.

Advantageously the mass flow rate or the flow velocity can be determined continuously and with high accuracy. Otherwise, if necessary, the flow meter has to be at least partially replaced. The internal heat resistance depends inter alia on individual components within the sensor element, eg within the sleeves off. This time we really needed a large floe because we wanted to deploy four buoys in a certain distance of each other: In online mode only corrections can be made when multiple sensors are present, eg.


Method and apparatus for controlling a device for comparative calibration of temperature sensors of the temperature of the calibration volume. The clock frequency is thus Hz. In the signal conversion far-reaching corrections of dynamic and static-thermal measurement errors are possible. A method according to claim 1, characterized in that the temperature dependence of the static thermal error of the temperature sensor is calculated from design parameters and material characteristics of the internal combustion engine, the temperature sensor, the gas, the area of the gas and the point of installation.

To determine the respective actual value of x? There were TE3 and TE4 examined with a lower cladding diameter in each case two identical thermocouple probe TE1 and TE2, and two comparative thermocouple probe.

Die Steuereinrichtung The controller 18 18 weist einen weiteren Steuerausgang B zur Steuerung einer Anheizphase mittels eines PI-Reglers has a further control output B for controlling a heating phase by means of a PI controller 20 20 der Regeleinrichtung the control device 2 2 auf.

Zur Auswertung der in den verschiedenen Zeitintervallen To evaluate the different in the time intervals 13a 13a. In addition, the thermo-physical properties of the medium and the pressure in the pipe line pressure have an influence on the measured flow. In this case, each is a heating period t H, and a measuring phase t M comprehensive clock period is always equal to, on the one hand the heating periods t H and on the other hand, the measurement phases t M are time always the same length.

DEA1 – Thermal flow meter with diagnostic function – Google Patents

According to the temperature of the sensor elements to be until the next data acquisition waited so long for each change until the new temperature to each set stable. In this prior art, operating according to the so-called calorimetric measurement principle methods of the effect is used that the temperature of the heating resistor changes due to the dissipation of heat to the passing air flow as a function of its mass flow or stream. Proximity sensor for detection of electrically conductive or magnetisable object has separate setting elements providing calibration and temperature compensation for proximity sensor.

So kann zum Beispiel eine durch Thermik [ Magnetically inductive flow measuring device, has temperature sensor to measure temperature of medium, and embedded in material of measuring tube and arranged spatially to flow channel through which medium flows. Dadurch wird das Einschwingverhalten, insbesondere die Abklingzeit des Heizstroms und die Einschwingzeit von elektronischen Bauelementen zur Messwertbearbeitung, ausgeblendet.


Measuring electrical conductivity of liquids, esp.

DE19948135B4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

These may be present depending on the problem set temperature distributions imposed heat flux or heat transfer by convection or radiation. The first order and the output equation state equation thus be: The turbine wheel is rotated by the liquid and spins at a rotational [ In den Figuren sind gleiche Merkmale mit gleichen Bezugszeichen gekennzeichnet. In operation, at least one of the at least two temperature sensors is heated active temperature sensor while the second temperature sensor remains unheated passive temperature sensor.

Im Folgenden wird der Einfachheit halber das erste Sensorelement, z. For this purpose can be performed with a specially prepared thermocouple measurements on a test stand and the temperatures measured after the start are recorded at various predetermined speeds and after power off. In the respectively applied measuring principles, the individual sensor elements are temporarily heated, and serve at times of detection of the medium temperature.

It is advantageous if at least one of the at least three sensor elements, a first embodiment based on the geometry, structure and material, and in at least a second of the at least three sensor elements has a second different from the first embodiment. Mediumsyemperatur for measuring temperature of e.

Zeit-Update-Gleichungen Discrete Kalman filter: Durch den mit der eingesaugten Luft [ It goes without saying that in the event that the thermal flow meter has at least three sensor elements, the diagnostic mode, optionally having more than three time intervals.

T kor, 1,2 or.

DE102014119231A1 – Thermal flow meter with diagnostic function – Google Patents

For example, at high engine loads, the exhaust gas temperature is very high, so that should actually incurred a high heat loss. Depending on the respective sensor principle being applied for the. The following diagrams are taken from DIN 43 and show the load limit for the different.