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They begin to spend time together and Helen needs to find an empty body of her own in order to be with James.

A Certain Slant of Light

I only meant to read it during my lunch hour, but I found myself engrossed. Or, since I’m never above stooping to a corny joke, any one she did as Jenny. It almost made up for the rest of the book, which was decent but not great. She feels like she’s the only one of her kind in the World, the only Lightso she’s bewildered when a teenage boy in Mr. That their soul can be absent, drifted off to a new place, while their body remains living its life.

So here is a list of adjectives I feel are adequate descriptions: Helen and James have their own special situation and instead of calling it insta-love I would consider it more of an extreme fascination with one another as they are the only ones of their ‘species’ as they called it. Now, the two of them struggle to find a way to be together as they begin to discover the secrets of their former lives and also of the young people they come to possess. View all 40 comments.


When Helen went into Jenny’s body it felt a bit more like a YA book, but it was still an adult book. Her current host is a senior high English teacher, Mr. Tinueblas have secrets that drove them away from their bodies.

Lists with This Book. Man kann doch nicht einfach das Leben eines fremden Menschen komplett umdrehen und dann nicht mal ein schlechtes Gewissen haben. It’s in his classroom that she meets James, the first person able to see her since she died.

A Certain Slant of Light (Light, #1) by Laura Whitcomb

Helen had been dead for over years, moving between human ‘hosts’ who she follows around and lives with. Laura Whitcomb’s writing is deliciously wordy, witty, and wonderful, and the story surprisingly complex with many mature ginieblas. I really hope that the sequel is good, I really want to know more about what’s happening to Jenny and Billy. The luscious writing, painfully real characters, intriguing premise and hushed tone.

So many things I hate about this book. The only problem with Jenny is that her parents are religious fanatics and James’s host Billy is a former drug addict with questionable friends. He is also dead, and he had found an ’empty’ human body to take over and live in.

A Certain Slant of Light was much darker than I had anticipated. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in quality literature.

Is this really being shelved in young adult fiction? One was a fear of being seen by a mortal – as if beheld naked when you know entrf are clothed.

Maybe some of this can be explained by their mutual non-living status. View all 3 comments. But go figure a few months later it pops up on my Goodreads timeline, I take another glance and decide it may be worth a shot. The author did an amazing job at keeping the two story-lines separate.


Involves girl’s ghost, her living classmate, and possible friendship [s]. I thought the spirit and ’empty’ bodies concept was very original and interesting. That your teeth get dirty when you eat and they need to be cleaned? She believes in a God but it’s actually relevant to the story.

libros al atardecer: La novia del mar de Alex Ryder

It may surprise you. How are these two young people, who barely know each other and have extremely different histories, going to manage a pregnancy? At times a bit confusing, the story is quite dull in the beginning but gradually picks up as lwura goes on.

You feel their pain and, when she was recalling her death, my heart was really breaking with hers. You are my heart’s hidden poem.

So in order to keep the pain at bay she clings to people, whiycomb hosts. I hear silence, like the mind of God. I had to watch some episodes of The Big Bang Theory right after finishing to change my mind XD So it really depends on what you are looking for. Apr 07, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: I started reading expecting a touching love story, but the author does a great job interwining the quest of the two lovers with the stories of their hosts, especially the two young people whose bodies they end up borrowing.