Karen Miller’s Empress, the first in the Godspeaker trilogy, is a book of epic high fantasy to a slave to a knife-dancer to wife of the warlord to Empress of Mijak. [singlepic id=61 w= h= float=right]. If you are looking for dark fantasy, look no further. Empress by Karen Miller, first in her Godspeaker. This is the world that Karen Millar has built in Empress. While incredibly interesting the world is built almost lazily, changing at times to fit the.

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Many writers enjoy taking characters like Hekat and creating pathos as a result of their struggles. Mar 15, Melania Ramona rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The only other individuals who could enforce and create rules and laws are the Warlords and their entourages.

This helps access emotion during tough scenes. This is good, right? The story is different also. She does this in the form of Hekat, our eyes and ears to the unique world of Empress. When she finally discovers this and runs away, our sympathies go with her. It is like the painter has a good idea of what a forest looks kf from a distance, but it’s a little fuzzy on the details.

Miller has given herself the opportunity to explore the evolution of evil. An ever present god in a consistent battle with demons. Beyond the fact that every character believes themself to be following the god’s will, mijk hoping they’ve got it right, there is precious little introspection, and even less sympathy.


With the single, strange exception that women can become warriors and godspeakers – a dissonance which is never explained – the misogyny of the setting is absolute.

Miller’s intention, but more variety is required for pages. Which is where, for me, the book really started to fall down. Hekat is the most deeply crazy and disgustingly arrogant being ever written about, she is the super villain of all times!

Insight From The Sightless: Empress Of Mijak: Godspeaker 01 by Karen Miller

The opening scene throws us into a horrifying, denigrating, and very telling emprese the world episode in the kitchen of a Man and his “she-bitch”, discussing the fate of the “she-whelp”, which by the misfortune of being female is only good for barter or selling for money, since otherwise she just uses-up the resources rightfully belonging to The Man and his six sons.

That’s the real reason for the low rating. Posted by Spencer McLean at Refresh and try mjak. I am not one that usually dwells on writing style but it was pretty bad in this case.

While one would normally root for a person in this position, I actually found myself wishing something bad would happen to bring Hekat down out of her little self-righteous world. This section describes a work imjak element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Jun 29, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: Hekat slave to no man and will destroy anyone she thinks might stand ekpress her way, including her own son.

The readers’ desire to root for her quickly dissipates, turning from hope, to pity, to possible understanding, to “I hate her, she is horrible”, to WTF???? I would mkjak swim with the scorpions than read the next installment. The main character, Hekat, is fascinating for all of several minutes.


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Not because “the evil hordes are coming” – but because “Hekat is coming, and the hordes are following her. From information gathered from online reviews the second book is completely different, a more traditional high fantasy with a plucky heroine trying to fight the sexist, religious forces that would keep her off the throne. This book may not be for the squeamish, but if you can get past the killing enough to grow to like Hekat somewhat, than this book is well worth your time.

Yes, Empress of Mijak is both plodding and gratuitous, but the avant-garde force of its central idea powers it over the finish line. The way the demons are often trying to persuade “sinners” to do things that most of us would consider the good thing, while the god is looking for death and destruction. As a woman who rises from lowly beginnings to rule a nation with strength mljak cunning, some have compared her to Theodora of the Byzantine Empire.

Sometimes in a book, when the author tends to meander on in their narration, I’ll sometimes skip a sentence or two ahead just to make the passage go by faster.