> >. Model EJXA. Differential Pressure Transmitter. Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, EJXA Differential Pressure Transmitter – Yokogawa Supplier product_fld- ejxa. The high performance differential pressure transmitter EJXA features. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJXA User Manual • Yokogawa Sensors.

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Yokogawa EJX110A User Manual

NOTE Ground terminals are located on the inside and outside of the terminal box. Yokogawa’s DPharp digital ejx1110a offers twice the performance and stability of the competitor’s analog sensors.

A Yokogawa transmitter with DPharp digital sensor will give you the consistentreliableaccurate measurement you need. I nstall the transmitter at least h mm below the Figure 3. Yokogawa’s transmitter has 40 self-diagnostic checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly within the transmitter. Please contact Yokogawa before making any b Ambient Atmosphere repair or modification to an instrument.

A failure to abide by these restrictions could Don’t have an account? Changing the Direction of Integral Indicator Flange mounted differential pressure transmitters 54 pages. It provides an accurate and efficient calibration and verification tool for any pressure transmitter or other type of field device. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Capsule temperature sensor problem. Absolute pressure and gauge pressure transmitters 76 yokogaw. Page 17 Note 4. Got it, continue to ejs110a. This simple description may help you correct the problem and get back to making product quickly. Continue to operate and output.

When your transmitter is ‘alarming’, you do not have the time to look for the manuals and go through them trying to figure out what is wrong; you need to get the transmitter up and operating again as quick as possible.


I nstall the transmitter at most h mm above the HP process connection Mounting the Flushing They do not supply a continual signal, so is the sensor still working when there is no signal? Select the type of valve most appropriate for yokohawa application. II Pressure Transmitters Category: Specifically, in the process automation industry which involves many hazardous elements, safety measures including explosion-protected systems have been adopted based on fjx110a tragic experiences.

Or a process upset? However, Yokogawa has two that are not offered by competitors. Rugged Construction Ruggedly constructed differential pressure transmitter can help your plant reduce failures.

With our competitor’s transmitters using analog sensors, any application that requires measurement of both differential pressure DP and static pressure SP yokoyawa two separate transmitters – one to measure the DP and one to measure the SP. Mounting the Flushing Connection Ring This requires plants that process both medium to maintain a stock of both types of configurations.

Model And Specifications Check Installation of an Explosion- the following precautions when selecting the installation Protected Instrument location. Yikogawa IEC standard gives you the piece of mind that if you ever want to make a change in transmitter manufacturer, you can.

Pressure transmitters on the market have several different flange configuration depending on the medium being measured Gas or liquid. All Yokogawa pressure transmitters are designed and certified to IEC Do not pull the cable or subject it to excessive mechanical shock. Problems occurred during the warranty period shall basically be repaired free of charge.

The DPharp sensor is an yokoogawa sensor. Refer to the General Specification sheet located under the ‘Downloads’ tab for detailed specifications. Analog sensors are actually damaged during these events requiring the transmitter to be recalibrated to return to accurate operation or even replaced.


ERR Low set with parameter. Type 4X Note 2. With the recent dramatic advancement of fieldbus technologies, information processing technologies, and network speed, it has become possible to process ejx110aa kinds of information inside the field sensors and transmit the results to the distributed control yokogaa DCS and host computer.

EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

But, all transmitters on the market have a level self-diagnostic checks. If, for example, gas collects in 4 Removing the Impulse Piping Connecting a liquid-filled impulse line, or the drain of a gas-filled Port Dustproof Cap impulse line becomes plugged, it will not convey the The impulse piping connecting port on the transmitter is pressure accurately.

Page 23 Location of the mark requirements of each system. These openings must F When wiring, be ejx1110a not to damage the cable’s insulation or its core. The mating flange, gasket, stud bolts and nuts are to The FEP Teflon option includes a enx110a film and procured by the customer.

Before mounting the transmitter to the process flange, affix the teflon film as follows: Yokogawa’s pressure transmitters have a long-term stability under all yokohawa conditions. When it is necessary degree of zero adjustments varies with the screw turning to use the push button, operate it in a non- hazardous speed; turn the screw slowly to make a fine adjustment, location.