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Black Mountain Products is a proud family owned company who takes pride in their product quality and is dedicated to offering you the best buying experience in the industry. Black Mountain Products handled resistance band set is simply the best band set on the elasticaw. This exercise band set was designed to bring a gym quality product to your home at an affordable price. With help from professional fitness instructors, our design team built the most durable resistance band set on the market.

Improving your health and overall wellness from the comfort of your home can now be a reality. Black Mountain Products bands last longer as each band is manufactured using our proprietary extruded blend of synthetic and natural rubber.

Our process has increased the consistency of resistance while prolonging the life of the band. We have tested our proprietary rubber against other exercise bands on the market and have found ours to be much more durable, while keeping desired tension throughout the testing process.

We are so confident in our band design we offer a lifetime warranty on all our equipment. Create a higher intensity workout by stepping on the band with one or two feet. Easily switch from exercise to exercise by quickly grabbing a different band for an intense cardio workout. Integrate standing wall sits into your workout for a deep muscle workout. This set of five resistance bands can be used by anyone.

This set of handle exercise bands includes: Each band measures 48 inches long. Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands are a great alternative to free weights bandass any workout machine.

With the ability to combine them with our a stability ball, handled bands are perfect for any cross training. A single handled band can be used in any workout creating a perfect alternative to your exercise program!

Compartir Facebook Twitter Pinterest. El producto llega en un embalaje que revela lo que hay en su interior. Para ocultarlo, selecciona Enviar en embalaje de Amazon al finalizar el proceso de compra.

Black Mountain Nueva Cole Activar pedidos con 1-Clic. Se puede envolver para regalo. Color Multicolores Altura epasticas. Dimensiones del producto Hirola Ligas de Resistencia para Ejercicio. Set de 5 Ligas de Diferente Resistencia. Preguntar a la comunidad. Cada uno de las bandas de resistencia tiene mangos de foam suave y amortiguador para la comodidad y el agarre durante el uso o las rutinas de ejercicio. Las bandas de resistencia Black Mountain Products son una alternativa genial para usarlas como pesas o en cualquier maquina de ejercicios.

Esto permite que te puedas ejercitar donde quieras. Combinas las bandas de resistencia con el programa de ejercicio P90X o cualquier otra rutina de ejercicios y veras como los resultados hablaran por ellos mismos.

Why order from Black Mountain Products? Biceps Single resistance bands are ideal for group ejecicios exercises. Shoulder Fly Create a higher intensity workout by stepping on the band with one or two feet. Shoulder Incline Easily switch from exercise to exercise by quickly grabbing a different band for an intense cardio workout.


Legs Integrate standing wall sits into your workout for a deep muscle workout. How to Cross Train This set of five resistance bands can be used by anyone. Preguntas y respuestas de clientes.

Ver preguntas y respuestas. Mostrando de 3 opiniones. Ha surgido ejercifios problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo elasyicas otro momento. Por el momento han aguantado y no ha habido problema. Ver las 3 opiniones. Initially, the set I received was flawed. The eejrcicios band flat out snapped after approximately six weeks of moderate to light perhaps a more accurate description of use. Up until that point, I liked the band set, particularly because I had to travel overseas and obviously couldn’t bring a weight set with me to continue with my rehab.

Up to then, the only drawback I’d noted was the bands’ tendency to pick up lots of dirt and dust from the floor when using exercises that requires a low base.

Six weeks, of course, simply isn’t an acceptable life span, even for workout resistance bands.

I must commend the manufacturer, Black Mountain Products, for their concern regarding quality control issues. When I contacted them and sent some pictures of the band flaws mentioned above, they were very shocked at the poor quality of the set I’d received and immediately sent me a new set of bands, even without my asking.

The new band set was on my doorstep in two days time and, indeed, they are in noticeably better condition than the first set I received. Since the product was “fulfilled by Amazon,” I can only surmise that the problem was a warehouse issue with Amazon.

Maybe this set sat in stock for too long and under unfavorable climate conditions. Well, the set sent straight from Black Mountain Products is in great shape and I have continued using these bands for my rehab exercises. We received our Black Mountain resistance band 5-piece set one month ago and we’re very impressed with the quality.

These resistance bands have been a great addition to our workout routine. We use them times per week and feel they do exactly what they are supposed to do.

We have not had any issues. We highly recommend getting these resistance bands, and here are a few reasons why: They come well packaged, along with a booklet explaining about the bands and the resistance levels for each color. As often as we use these bands, poor quality would have been a deal breaker. These bands hold up and the handles are quite comfortable to use while working out.

The price was a big reason why we decided to look at these Black Mountain bands in the first place. The product has a lot of positive reviews, which gave us confidence that the bands were the right choice for us. There is a no breakage guarantee.

Black Mountain Nueva Colección de 5 Bandas de Resistencia: : Deportes y Aire Libre

This makes us feel safe that if something does happen, Black Mountain will stand behind the product another person reviewed saying that his band broke and Black Mountain sent him a replacement right away, no questions asked.


Give these bands a try, you will not be disappointed. Terrific set and great value. We ordered these to toss in our luggage for quick workouts on the go while we travel. They are pretty good quality and we have not had any issues with them.

Our only complaint is that we wish the set started at a higher resistance and went up because even the black and red bands seems a bit too easy for us to utilize in our workouts and did not challenge us enough. Luckily though, the company is great and ejerclcios us a free orange band which was a step above this set as resistance goes.

The communication with them was quick and easy. All bands fit nicely in the included bag. The handles have a comfortable grip to them, without any issues of the bands separating from the grips. When they first came, there were some ejerficios in the foam but after a few days, it seemed to fluff up and no blemishes or indents were present any longer. Even our kids enjoy these and take over the lighter bands, so we make fitness a ejfrcicios family affair.

Ejercicios Con Bandas Elasticas Stock Photos, Images & Photography | Shutterstock

Because of the quality and durability, they’ve even withstood some tug of wars and mishandling by the kids. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality for the list price.

Decent quality durable bands, but after 5 years of intermittent use with the somewhat abrasive nylon fabric door anchor, the rubber has ejerciclos and become weaker. One band even developed a tear. BMP – if you’re reading this, can I still get free replacements?

Ejercicios con bandas elasticas stock photos

I contacted BMP to complain about the fraying bands and they promptly sent me replacements for the damaged bands as well as a new door anchor, free of charge. I am currently recovering from shoulder surgery and these are exceeding my expectations immeasurably in regards to both rehabilitation and supplementary exercise use. These bands, if used properly, are great alternatives to lugging around tons of weights for supplementary exercises.

As a certified nutritionist and physical fitness trainer I consider them a business essential now, if you are a fitness professional or even just enthusiast you owe it to yourself to pick up these bands. They’re durable, they’re extremely elastic, they’re very portable, they come in a convenient carrying bag, the handles are comfortable, the color coding is easy to remember, they’re great for drop sets and burn outs, they’re amazing rehabilitation tools for any professional, and they’re safe for the whole family, I plan on using these to introduce my daughter to resistance training here in a couple of years as I think these will be much safer for introduction than weights.

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