Edward Leedskalnin () was an eccentric Latvian emigrant to the United States and amateur sculptor who, it is alleged, single-handedly built the. Edward Leedskalnin self published ‘A Book In Every Home’ in You can click on these images for higher resolution. The cover of ‘A Book. 26 Oct Edward Leedskalnin self published ‘A Book In Every Home’ in You can click on these images for higher resolution. The cover of ‘A Book.

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A Book in Every Home (Cover)

You can click on these images for higher resolution. Here is Edward Leedskalnin holding a book of the same name, although the im he is holding has quite a different cover.

Log in or create a new account. Support How to Help Contact Us. Ed is holding a book with the same title in a different configuration.

A book in every home : containing three subjects : Ed’s Sweet Sixteen, domestic and political views

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Sweet sixteen – This is coiled and furnished GIRL intended for 16 volt lovemaking with the coiled MAN bar having signigicantly stronger voltage with enough currency. The domestic and political views are obvious from this point of view.

To maintain big property means to have more currency because more work is to be done. To get more, you have to put in more. Ed z behind a now lost treasure map which yielded nothing. X marks hoje spot.

It’s about where he draw everry money electrical current. The money Ed left behind was 3, USD in dollar bills. The sequence is important: The MAN coil is set up before. It’s used for source mode: When sourcing, the power is generated in the supply and dissipated in the device. The GIRL furnished with coil is used for sink mode: If they are in equal balance, there is no output.

The guide how to manipulate the directions of the currents are taught in the Magnetic Current. The basis is found from furher readings: DC power supply fundamentals Hysteresis Magnetic hysteresis. Log in to post a comment.


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A Book in Every home – by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)

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