Düzdağ, Fetvalar Düzdağ, M. Ertuğrul. Şeyhülislâm Ebussuud Efendi Fetvaları Ișığında Asır Türk Hayatı. Istanbul: Enderun Kitabevi, Evliya, Narratives . Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Tuncay BÜLBÜL and others published Muhibbî’nin “Gibi” Redifli Gazeline Ebussuûd Efendi’nin. (İstanbul: Kubbealtı Neşriyat, ); Ma’rûzât: Şeyhülislâm Ebussuûd Efendi, haz . ; Tahsin Özcan, Fetvalar Işığında Osmanlı Esnafı (İstanbul: Kitabevi.

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In this regard, Vani can be said to have been a not atypical representative of the broader Ottoman scholarly community. Naqshbandis in the Ottoman world, Skip to main content. What does it mean to be an official madhhab?

Şeyhülislâm Ebussuûd Efendi ve fetvâları (Book, ) []

Naqshbandis in the Ottoman World, Albany: Hanafism and the Ottoman Empire. Both works acquired a pre- eminent status among Ottoman-Hanafi legal scholars and were used as textbooks in the madrasa and as handbooks detvalar the courts.

An Ottoman manifesto against smoking: He also noted that there were a few ruined churches left from the Armenians.

The canonization of Islamic law: People can have dogs only for purposes of protecting their properties and for hunting. Whoever obeys those in positions of authority, obeys me.

The transformation of Muslim mystical thought in the Ottoman Empire: Some aspects of the Ottoman fatwa. Write a review Rate this item: The Encyclopedia of Islam, Third Edition, 1, Anti-Sunni activities during ebussuuf reign of Tahmasp I.

Islamic law and culture This may have been related with the historical development of the fatwa collections in the Ottoman text.

As a master of Feyzullah Efendi, besides traditional sciences, Vani also instructed him in logic, geometry and astronomy. If Zeyd the wrongdoer habitually, or in a specific instance, takes an oath by God, and, God forbid, by the ocak of a certain sheikh by showing great respect to it and firmly believes in the tombs of sheikhs, does the aforementioned Zeyd become an infidel? Yet the smokers do not despite it just as tanners do not despise carcasses.


Furthermore, such a place should be cleansed of these practices and Muslims who practice them fetvallar be shunned. Your rating has been recorded. In this category of the fatwa collections, the purpose is to refer to the collections compiled until the Ottomans and developed into the fetavlar authoritative sources for the legal scholars.

Can we speak of a common pattern in the legal tradition of which Ottoman muftis were part and representative?

Seyhülislâm Ebussuud Efendi fetvaları ışığında 16. asır Türk hayatı

Unfortunately, we do not have information about who these people were and what relationship they had, if any, with Vani Mehmed Efendi. At the same time, it seems that some of his fatwas ebussyud including those efendj nawruz, magic and the extermination of harmful dogs – were strongly grounded in the social and cultural particularities of Erzurum.

He also condemns those who sell, buy and legitimate it, and advises that benc should be burned. Furthermore, he mostly relied on the commentaries of certain Hanafi legal texts Ibid. He met Vani Mehmed when he was serving as governor of Erzurum, and invited the latter to Istanbul after he was appointed grand vizier in place of his father.

Conversion and conquest in Ottoman Europe. Stanford University Press, For instance, David Powers makes the following suggestion to historians who wish to use fatwa-texts as a source of social history after mentioning their complex textual character: Another important genre in Hanafi literature that Vani quoted most frequently is the fatwa collections. You must write the sources on which you base your expert- opinions, and must fetvalr your fatwas, clearly indicating your name and position as the Mufti of Sarajevo.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. Looking at the views of ebyssuud religious groups over the legal status of smoking tobacco, different groups reached different solutions according to their interpretation of the legal sources or their political considerations.


American Historical Review, 5 It became the subject ebussujd many commentaries and was taught as part of the Ottoman madrasa curriculum for many years.

Each ebussuud consists of fatwas from a particular school of legal thought. However, this work with its several commentaries constituted an independent and influential genre in the Hanafi literature.

According to the seventeenth-century travelers, the churches of the city were not in good condition and were few in number. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Since Hanafi doctrine includes a variety of opinions, the state and the Hanafi scholars tended to create a more or less homogenous body of law by favoring the most authoritative views of the doctrine in order to apply them in the courts. The art of judicial opinion: An interlude in Safavid history.

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The need for an explanation about the meaning of benc might be related to the fact that these collections were copied in different parts of the empire and the people of that region may not be familiar with the word benc. Remember me on this computer. Advanced Search Find a Library. Furthermore, the performance of musical instruments with the accompaniment of wine and boza is regarded as a major disorder, which should be prevented.

With all these actions, it seems that he displayed a more rigid attitude than his predecessors toward the Sufis and the innovations prevalent within the community. Sunna-minded sufi preachers in service of the Ottoman state: I will base my comparison on some of the existing studies on fatwa collections from different parts of the empire. Their actions will be similar to these of Dajjal and their practices will resemble these of Satan.