This book has no magic tricks. It takes the reader through the productive process of creating a top quality magic act. As such the book is apt for professional. Foundations: The Art of Stage Magic by Eberhard Riese on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Foundations: The Art of Stage Magic by Eberhard Riese – Book at Read honest and.

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Study them and understand what makes them a success. They will just typically yell, “He is throwing it over your head!

It is an extensive project because we both have full time jobs as well as foundatuons but I think it is going to be jammed packed with with a lot of valuable information. Repacking and sending to you. If you are looking for more than just tricks, and things that will honestly help your act, here are some suggestions: I am always on the lookout for books that will make me a better performer and Mr.

The Magic Cafe Forums – ‘Foundations’ by Eberhard Riese

Someone already mentioned that it is a perfect complement to Maximum Entertainment. My show is primarily made up of talking effects and I found the book helpful in that I wanted a portion of my show to have a character piece call it FISM styled as an opener. Hi guys, My name is Xabi and I’ve been doing close-up foundationns for 2 or 3 years now.


Children under the age of 8 are going to be bored out of their mind after 30 minutes. But Foundations is very good! John Tudor “Ars longa, vita brevis.

However, I want to learn stuff that will provide me a professional career! Once learned the method is impossible to forget and you can do it under fire! As to the ‘FISM’ type act, the book doesn’t focus on that at all. This is going to be the “Showmanship for Magicians” of the 21st Century. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask. Kent, you can pick this up at ebergard any magic shop.

West Palm Beach Florida. I never knew David Copperfield to throw so much comedy into his act. Giese 14, That is, to add texture to the show. I’m interested in this book, but I’m concerned that the contents are primarily applicable to a “FISM style” act; i.

Basically I do card magic, as well as sponge ball routines. Nothing is truer than the incomprehensible, because the sum total of our knowledge consists of the fact that we know nothing. Riese is the primary reason that there are so many emerging magicians, grabbing our attention, coming out of Germany.

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The thing Fouundations didn’t like is the look of the book inside – pics, color etc. The Critic is all about Attainment and Quality Control. Donal Chayce Inner circle Posts. Maximum Entertainment Ken Weber has done something remarkable: We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped.

Magic Trick Reviews – Magic Products in Philosophy

Sounds great, but I’ve seen so many other books about marketing. I’m certain Misdirections up in your area would have it or can get it. Sep 14, Messages: I was laughing so hard! Sep 16, Messages: In other words, it’s about creating original and entertaining magic routines or improving ones you are already performing. Donal, I think the book is valuable even if you never have any aspirations to performing in any magic contest.


Strong Magic “The book is readable, it’s extremely clear, it’s clear, it’s thrilling in Typically takes 2 – 3 days.

We send packages out via MyHermes the same day that we receive them. It’s actually much like a very clear college textbook. For a stage show you are definitely going to want to incorporate music and interaction with your audience. I’ll look for the performances you mentioned and Rick, you’re right: That should work much better And those important foundations are exactly what the current new publication of the German Sic! Apr 25, Messages: The book is a basic work in which no tricks are explained, but however, it contains everything you have to know for the magic and performing arts.

I would like to pass others still so they can follow the same path – or any other! This page was created in 0.