Bibliography. Earl Babbie “Badania społeczne w praktyce” Earl Babbie „ Podstawy badań społecznych” Hubert M. Blalock „Statystyka dla socjologów”. Babbie Badania Spoleczne w Praktyce. Cargado por Jacek. Badania społeczne. Guardar. Babbie Badania Spoleczne w Praktyce. para más tarde. guardar. Earl Babbie, Badania społeczne w praktyce, Warszawa ; Chava Frankfort- Nachmias, David Nachmias, Metody badawcze w naukach społecznych, Poznań .

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Paul Lazarsfeld

pra,tyce On the transformation of human conditions into treatable disorders. Journal of Social Work, vol. On-line services of the University of Warsaw. Are we turning the corner? Gabbie one of first Polish texts on medicalization, this paper offers an outline of the main theoretical and methodological dilemmas which a researcher must address when undertaking research on the medicalization processes.

Mean value, median, standard deviation. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in.


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Selected methods of quantitative research with the use of SPSS – University of Warsaw

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