Dumog – Filipino Wrestling Martial Arts. Dumog is a Filipino style of stand-up wrestling. It also refers to the grappling techniques used by many. This program is a great addition striking techniques being used in self-defense. Mano-mano is an empty hands system taught in the Kombatan. Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. The techniques of Dumog are few, and simple.

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Traditionally opponents would engage by holding a belt or encircling each other’s waist and attempt to throw and unbalance each other. Tribal groups such as the Ifugao, Samal, Igorot, Ibanag, Manobo, Dumagat, and Maranao are said to practice grappling arts known respectively as bultong, silaga, dama, garong, buteng, purgos, and kapulubod; while ethnic groups such as the Tagalog, Ilokano, Cebuano, Bicolano, Pampanga, and Pangasinan, are said to practice grappling arts known as gabbo, layung, lampugan, pantok, balsakan and dumog.

Dumog Filipino Wrestling by Paul Vunak

Actually, that can only dumpg if you don’t grab him back. But as Bruce Lee might have said, “food doesn’t hit back”. As tchniques opponent regains balance, simply twist the head in the opposite direction and repeat the process. This branch is from a tree that is considered as one of the families of the medicinal tree. The word D umog is most commonly used in Mindanao and the Visayas, while the word B uno is used in Luzon, specifically in the Southern Tagalog-speaking technisues as far south as Mindoro.

This technuques of pain conditions the Dumoguero to take the pain and while doing so the mentality of the Dumoguero is to take the pain at the same time encourage him to hit more the sand believing that the pain will go away. The tempering process The hands are tempered by slapping the banana trees and for hardening the hands are smashed by slapping into the bark of a tree. After you open the door with a lead hand, why waste the golden opportunity to throw another wimpy punch when you can drop a heavy cross on the man’s jaw?

Here’s how, and more importantly, here’s when. In Kali practitioners seek technniques avoid getting caught in their opponent’s locks by hitting destructions first to the extremities and continuing, to strike vital parts of the body. Visayan Dumog [ edit ] Just like the distinct art of Sikaran from Rizal province, the people from the provinces of AntiqueIloilo and Capiz in Panay Island have their own distinct form and traditional sport of Dumog.

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This is the situation Liborio discussed. The most obvious techniaues the best application of dumog is probably when grabbing his limbs isn’t a major problem because he is attempting to dumgo you and you therefore obviously know where his arms are going to be.

Technique, in this case, is an understanding of controlling points, or choke points. Like, how do you get your hands on a guy who is trying to techniqurs you? So there’s nothing really revolutionary in Dumog.

Inside works more efficiently but exposes you to chokes so it might be best to work from outside if you have a choice–in any case, beware of the choke. Anyone who knows Vu will be able to guess that the methods he recommends are 1 hubud, 2 straightblast, and 3 gunting. You must respond-not by fighting his energy, but by pulling it.

Put your hips, legs and upper body behind each movement fully. The Martial Arts Portal. The student who has developed the skill to know where the choke points are can easily fling a pound opponent around, despite a handicap that could approach pounds. Here it seems that Vu is teaching you to do something because he likes doing it, because he is good at doing it, or because he is pretty sure you don’t technjques know it, rather than because it is rumog best thing to do.

This is when you can make dumog work for duumog incidentally, aikido, which is etchniques in vale tudos, works very effectively in such situations. This is done in the middle of the day where the Sun is drying the sand to be very hot. Street fighting is deceptive. No matter how you rationalize it, these are arm punches and can’t generate enough power to deter or hurt anyone that could possibly be a threat to you.

After the cumog training and the elbow is already bleeding, then a medicinal oil is applied to the cuts. The Filipino art of grappling includes a wide range of locks, known as trankadas, chokes, throws, trips, sweeps and pins which blend and flow naturally from the empty handed boxing and kicking methods, applied with or without a weapon.

This motion is executed when there is an opening by the opponent during the positioning either as a bait or actual opening entry. It is certainly a versatile one. It certainly demonstrates that these techniques can be devastating against food. The techniques of Dumog are tschniques, and dumoy, and they work. During the hardening, while the forearm is smashed against the branch, the juice of the bark is medicinal that helps to harden the forearm. Above, Igor and Alon demonstrate the dumog head twist positions.


These points, which are grabbed, pushed or pulled, are used to put the opponent off balance, causing the body to go out of control into a swirling, whirlwind effect.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog

The elbow is brought high above the head and with vigorous force, the elbow together with the body is trapped into the sandy portion and is being repeated by using the left and right elbow. It is always the principle in Dumog that in the event of encounter if it is a combat challenge the enemy must be completely paralyzed or incapacitated. I don’t know if there is a connection or not, but on “Head Butts, Knees, and Elbows” tape 3 in the JKD Streetfighting seriesVu concludes the tape with footage of him beating the hell out of various fruits and vegetables.

The word dumog is most twchniques used in Mindanao and the Visayaswhile the word buno is used in Luzonspecifically xumog the Southern Tagalog -speaking provinces as far south as Mindoro.

The second principle is to get your balance and maintain it. Even if he is behind you, or on top of you.

The idea is simple: Working towards the head for control. Dumog Also known as Filipino wrestling Focus Grappling Country of origin Duumog Olympic sport no Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial arts.

Instead look for a way to strike that will cause pain and shock first and then find away to get out of his grip. Be careful of your face, because his forehead is probably dumob to smash it. In effect, you are using your opponent’s energy to your advantage The biceps pull and biceps push are best used in cooperation duog each other. If you can maneuver the attacker off balance, his advantage will be neutralized. Both systems can be combined or learnt independently.