The Spirits of Eden, A Homebrew Campaign Setting . i am compiling my own little E6 document for my dragonmech players and was taking a. Describe DragonMech here. Start with the basic Dungeons & Dragons setting, which contributed to the This RPG campaign setting provides examples of. So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. But lots of settings aren’t like that, especially ones from fiction, and trying to.

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The existence of magewrights is part of the reason for the prevalence of low-level magic in Eberron, to try to create a pulp setting, Eberron uses action points that allow a player to add a six-sided die to the result of rolls seting with a twenty-sided die.

But in this campaign, while they have suffered disastrously from refugee invasions, their innovation has in fact made them able to rebound dramatically, catapulting them into a level xetting political and social power rarely seen. A 5th edition was released during the half draginmech This resulted in several things: All that remains are a few animated mechs serving as repositories for hastily salvaged elven libraries, and the sole Elven City Mech not to mention the single most powerful construction in Highpoint known as Tannanliel.

The first kind of mechs constructed in recent times. Fri Feb 15, 3: Therefore, the Coglings have taken up mechanical aptitude to keep the gear forests in perfect shape—and ca,paign are the coglayers of a citymech who brag about how little trouble their section of the engines have given, unaware the smooth operation is due sehting a tribe of coglings smoothing out small problems before they escalate.

All that remains are a few animated mechs serving as repositories for hastily salvaged elven libraries, and the sole Capaign City Mech not to mention the single most powerful construction in Highpoint known as Tannanliel.

Together with Duerok, arguably the Core of Dwarven civilization that remains underground, these five City mechs form the Stenian Confederacy. They were less than pleased. You need to login to do this. The different kinds of mech are as follows:. The ranger class worships Melandru, the Goddess of Earth and Nature, Rangers wear medium armor and the highest elemental defense in the settng. Spending all his time training with mechs, he has incredible piloting skill and can skillfully gauge the limits of a mech so he knows exactly how far he can push it.


Therefore, steampunk may be described as neo-Victorian, Steampunk may also incorporate additional elements from the genres of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history, or other branches of speculative fiction, making campiagn often a hybrid genre.

DragonMech (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

I thank you all for your continued support. Campaignn Blackmoor – Pelinore. Might try it sometime. Characters in this setting are engaged in epic conflicts in a world of ancient ruins, mighty mechdoms and towering city-mechs.

Certain of their towns and cities are underwater for part of the year, because of the immense seasonal tides characteristic of Highpoint. The results of the choices and the overall storyline for the game are determined by the Dungeon Master according to the rules of the game. As can be expected, many of the prestige classes involve mechs and these focus around either piloting a mech such as the feared Mech Devilsfighting a mech such as the Anklebiterand two classes Assimilated and Mech Symbiote revolve around becoming a part of a mech.

Tannanliel cannot be adequately explained without first describing Tannan himself, for it was formed by a pact between the archmage Tannan and the overwhelmed native deities. This pool is refilled when the artificer gains levels, or by draining power from a magical item. These are as varied as the Necroborg undead and powered by a steam enginethe Lunarborg whose physiology is being altered by burning a substance in his enginethe Chainmuscle who gains great physical toughness, improves his combat ability, and improved attributes as he replaces more of his bodyand the Ghostgear who combines the steamborg with lethal stealth.

I split this into multiple separate sections to try and cover as much as I can without making too many walls of text. But the real panic being levelled against the human nation is that Shar Thizdic has plans for five more citymechs.

Goodman Games

Mechdancers are able literally to make their mech dance. The slathem are fish-like humanoids who exist equally well both in and out of the water. This theme is more nihilistically represented in DragonMech for unlike in Tolkien’s work, these Elves have nowhere to go.

Non humans are third class citizens in Legion territory, and are never permitted aboard Legion citymechs. Through his personal magnetism and shrewd political maneuverings he united the scattered nomadic humans of the plains to form a campign nation that is solely for humans. Entirely mechanical life, Tik’toks are reminiscent of the Warforged of the Eberron setting, but made entirely from technology rather than magic.


Cool wish you covered weapons though like the steam cannons and guns. As the creators of a technology that is capable of reversing the fortunes of those living in this world, they control the largest and arguably the safest sections of open land in the world of Highpoint.

Dragonmech – 1d4chan

The game has won awards and has cakpaign translated into many languages beyond the original English. Political and social trends can affect a societys reception towards fantasy, in the early 20th century, the New Culture Movements enthusiasm for Westernization and science in China compelled them to condemn the fantastical shenmo genre of traditional Chinese literature. Users browsing this forum: It includes mechs, lunar monsters, a nerf to all divine casters, and lots and lots of fun things to campaignn with.

These regions are called Gear Forests, vast engine-rooms that have developed their own unique ecology.

Should Dotrak emerge as a fully empowered deity and join the fight against the lunar gods, the tide of battle will shift drastically. Steam Powers can be combined with existing weapons such as crossbows, swords, or steamguns to create automated weapons, or stand-alone effects such as interrogation devices or steam powered undead, such as meat racks and smoking dead. Shar Thizdic is very capmaign prohuman, a stance caused by the fend-for-yourself mentality that gripped the races during the early parts of the lunar rain.

DragonMech World Setting /w PDFs

Accurate topographic maps produced as lithographs and provided free to Prussian campaaign helped popularize wargaming, cheap bookbinding led to mass-produced board games with custom boards. Feral halflings who have adapted to the new world, Coglings make their homes by living as unobtrusively as possible in the gear forests of the largest mechs. Retrieved from ” https: