See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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Maybe it’ll get better – later – after some more serious unpleasantness. Feb 19, Richard Knight rated ldwis liked it. In his day he was wildly popular, his biting satire of American culture was lapped up by a generation in love with America, but looking to Europe for inspiration in isnclair writing, their artistry, their vision.

Glad you appreciated it as much as I did. But in Paris, as they bumped and slid and darted from the Gare du Nord to their hotel, he could not be certain just what it was that dinclair was seeing.

Beautiful character arc and sad look at the destructive power humans wield over one another. Alas, neither is the case here. This is a woman sure of her power, still needing attention, still pretending she’s done nothing wrong, apparently not having learned a thing from her mistakes.

Fran is his forty-something wife, and together, they are doing the Grand Tour of E I’m a huge fan of the movie of this book, perfectly cast with Walter Huston and Ruth Chatterton, and I’ve read Elmer Gantryanother Sinclair Lewis book lewix great movie.

English people couldn’t sell like Americans! Literature, rare sweet literature. Views Read Edit View history.


Continued slow going due to work taking up too much time. Books by Sinclair Lewis.

A great story, if not a page turner. Mencken wrote of him, “[If] there was ever a novelist among us with an authentic call to the trade Their two children grown, their daughter Emily married, Sam and Fran finally sail to Europe, despite Sam’s misgivings.

Fran is his forty-something wife, and together, they are doing the Grand Tour of Europe. His prose is gee-whizzy rather than inspired and inspiring. Opposites do attract, but only if both parties focus on what they agree sincalir more than what they disagree on.

First published inDodsworth tells the story of a young American couple who moves to Europe.

I did it while in the Navy: Any opinions on the last sentence of the book for me, please? Jun 25, Joseph Weyek rated it really liked it. Sam finds a hot babe in Paris. Yes, I am going to read more Lewis at some point. I mean, listen to this little characterization and ask yourself if this is not one of the truest things about longtime friendship that one never really hears: When Fran appears to go too far with one of the young men, Sam reins her in, despite her denials and protestations.

In Italy, Sam hangs around, at loose ends, lonesome for his wife, willing to wait around for her if he must even though they’ve signed divorce papers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dec 21, Justin rated it liked it. It might be too much of a challenge for SL to be funny. He had been accustomed to ‘sizing up’ American towns;he could look from a Pullman window at Kalamazoo or Titus Center and guess the population within ten per cent.


Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis

The late-afternoon glow over the piled hill of Naples faded to misty blue. While the movie insinuates that Sam books it right back to Edith, the book really made me wonder He irks, in attempting to capture dialect and slang, in insisting that people speak parenthetically parenthetically, I’m convinced people sonclair exclusively in dashes sinlair, in asserting that people think in elaborate and well-constructed theses.

Yes, he is a bit of a stick-in-the mud, but he is willing to acquiesce to Fran’s desires, to make her happy. The plot plays itself out amidst a background of constant discussion as to what makes an American, what makes a European and what are the differences?

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One of my all time favorite reads. Their marriage comes to an end, when she falls in love with Kurt von Obersdorf in Berlin. The man won two Pulitzer Prizes and the Nobel Prize for Literature in his lifetime, so how bad could he be? They evoke empathy, sympathy, and often antipathy. She is more European than American and her point of view delights Sam. It is through this friendship that Sam begins to see the possibility of a life dldsworth Fran. He fell in love with her at first sight.

Sinclair Lewis is underappreciated now, but he was a genius at serving up the realities of his time. Loved one, disliked the other.